Pamper Your Fat Cat: Best Cat Trees for a Large Cat

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Key Points

  • A cat tower for large cats helps them maintain muscle, take care of their claws, and perch.

  • Senior cats can still climb a cat tower with the right features, like ramps or stairs.

  • First-time owners of big felines need a cat tower for large cats with a cubby or condo for them to feel safe in.

Whether your cat has trouble with weight gain or is simply from a breed of large cats, why not pamper them with toys and furniture designed for them?

Outfitting your home just right with the best cat tower for large cats encourages pets to play and lounge in comfort. After all, they deserve an engaging and inviting environment just like smaller kitties do. A cat tower for large cats also works to avoid under-stimulation for your feline and hopefully keep them off the top of your fridge.

Usually, a lack of enrichment means cat behavior turns for the worse. They get bored and scratch furniture or carpets, become aggressively territorial, or go to the bathroom outside of the litter box. It’s possible that they could also become depressed from sheer boredom.

In your quest to prevent this from happening, you might run into problems finding something suitable for your larger pet. Discover the best cat trees for big cats here, plus some advice on how to shed pounds for their health if needed. Rest assured that body paw-sitivity and new routines for your kitty can go hand in hand.

Key Highlights of the Yaheetech Cat Tree

If you have a fat cat or just one that’s “big-boned,” the Yaheetech Cat Tree is the one for them. Most cat trees have a single base to which all the supports attach. The Yaheetech has two separate bases for greater stability.

Speaking of stability, this tree features something that most others don’t — an anti-toppling strip attached to the middle board. Through that, you secure it to the wall, if needed, for additional stability.

The top perch measures 21″ x 15″ for large cats to lounge. The condo is 14″ x 12″ x 12″ and the entire tree is 30.5″ which is wider than most trees on the market. This helps with its stability as well.

Ranked at number 13 in Amazon’s cat tree category and with 4.8 out of five stars, there’s not much negative to report on this one. A few customers mention the tediousness of assembly, but this comes with any cat tower. Another mentioned the rope coming off after a while, but this is an easy fix with a roll of sisal rope. Wear and tear is normal with cats scratching.

This is a unique tree for large or multiple cats. It also comes in six different colors, which you don’t see often with these trees. So, who would benefit from this kind of tree?

Which Cat Owners Should Buy the Yaheetech Cat Tree and Why

If you own a large breed cat or one that’s a little plump, this is the cat tree for you. Customers always talk about their cat trees being a bit unstable with their large cats. This one solves that problem.

This tree is especially useful for multi-cat households. It’s got plenty of room for more than one cat to have their own space. While one is napping on the top platform, the other swings from the hammock at the bottom. If one doesn’t climb so well, they may take the ramp.

If you have a playful kitten, they may want to bat the hanging ball on the way up. If you have a cat that enjoys more solitude, there’s a spacious cave for them.

Cat Towers for Large Cats

Is a cat tower good for cats of any size? It’s a valid question if you’re planning on dedicating space to this pet furniture. The short answer is yes, of course. You want the best for your feline, so the details matter.

Finding a cat tree they love benefits your feline in many ways:

  • Exercise from climbing and jumping to develop muscle and burn off energy

  • Various scratchable surfaces to save furniture and maintain their claws

  • Spaces to perch and watch the birds from the safety of your home

On that last note, environmental enrichment is extra important for indoor cats. They’re not fending off predators or hunting down their next meal, which means they have to get exercise in other ways. This is especially true for large cat breeds that tend to need more muscle tone to support their size. Keep this in mind while you shop for supplies, especially if you’re turning your outdoor cat into an indoor cat.

Features you want in a cat tree for large cats include a heavy-duty design for their weight, larger openings for comfortable exploration, and scratching areas that appeal to your kitty. Most enjoy scratch posts with carpeted or rough materials to take care of their claws.

If your pet needs a helping hand, try training your cat to use scratching posts. Many cat towers include these posts in the design, so your feline gets used to their new furniture one step at a time.

20-in Faux Fur Cat Tree

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Unique Cat Trees for Large Cats

When you want something to speak to your personality or just be adorable for cat pictures that are cuter than ever, a mushroom scratcher brings that one-of-a-kind style you’re looking for.

With sturdy construction and a distinctive designer print, this faux fur cat tree supports your large feline and stands out among the crowd. The open concept of the cat condo means pets with bulkier builds have an easier time curling up for a nap or hopping down to explore or play. Plus, there’s a sisal scratching post at the bottom to encourage healthy claw care for your kitty.

This two-tier cat tower also has a dangling puff ball toy for your pet to bat at, which keeps them active even if you’re out of the house. Since it’s recommended that they get five-minute windows of exercise throughout the day, these cat tree toys promote an even amount of daily activity for your feline.

Modern Cat Trees for Large Cats

For contemporary style and the latest features, the three-tier Cattitude tower has a lot to offer. Chic black-and-white print faux fur fabric gives it a classy look that’s ultra-soft for cats to lounge on too. An enclosed cat condo at the bottom is perfect for catnaps, just like the open bed at the top.

If you have a multi-cat home, this is a crowd-pleaser for felines. There are five total sisal-wrapped posts to scratch at and two ball puff toys with bells that entice pets to play. Resting benches let your big cat sprawl out to doze in the sun or perch up high.

The benches also add stability to the design, and the strong posts make this very sturdy for big cat breeds.

A cat jumps off the perch of a cat tower

Finding the Best Cat Tree for Extra-Large Cats

If your feline is on the bigger side of their breed’s standards, focus on specific cat towers that cater to their needs. Look for cat cubbies with wide openings. This means your kitty easily goes inside to rest and leaves for their daily adventures too. A durable design is a must, keeping your large cat stably supported at all times. The old saying isn’t true: Cats don’t always land on their feet.

Think about how your pet navigates the tower, as well. If there are small holes to climb through or narrow spaces to walk on, it’s not a good choice for your bigger cat. You want to make the most of this top-rated exercise for cats by choosing an intentional design.

Do They Make Cat Trees for Fat Cats?

If your kitty has weight problems, it’s important to know that there’s also furniture for them out there. Finding a heavy-duty cat tree for large cats that are struggling to lose pounds can make a world of difference in their health.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle for your fat feline isn’t easy on you or them. The changes may give them stress, and you’ll need to manage their behavior in the meantime.

Giving them a place to play, leap, and nap is a great start. The towers for naturally large felines are every bit as effective for fat cats. Help them cope with the transition to healthier living by getting pet furniture that works for their build. While they start their cat weight management plan, your pet deserves a space to play!

Weight Loss Tips for Fat Cats

More than half of U.S. cats are overweight or obese, so you’re not alone in trying to slim down your feline. There are a lot of steps to getting your pet to a healthy weight, and it takes time and effort to see that process through. Food changes and exercise opportunities for your cat are both part of most pet weight loss routines. Remember to talk with your vet about any significant changes, especially if your cat had any recent procedures. Post-neutering fat pads are one potential reason for your pet’s weight gain, for example.

Get your pet on track with interactive toys that they like playing with, whether that’s wand toys or laser pointers. These are a hit with big cats.

Certain enrichment products let your feline play even when you’re not around. Look for electronic cat toys that move on their own or treat puzzles that challenge your food-motivated pet to work for their snack.

Automatic Feeding and Watering Systems

Automatic feeding and watering systems are one of the best options for ensuring that your cat is getting the appropriate amount of food and water each day. When it comes to weight loss for your cat, you want to give them only as much as they need and right when they need it. An automatic feeding system takes all the guesswork out of it!

Automatic Cat Feeder

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The Petdiary Automatic Dog and Cat feeder might seem like a high-tech gadget, but it is a game changer when it comes to meeting your cat’s proper nutritional needs. The feeder offers voice recording (especially great if you’re out of the house a lot!), a feeding schedule, as well as the option to feed your pet up to four meals per day, with nine different portion sizes.

Flower Plastic Cat Fountain

by Catit 

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If you’ve spent any amount of time on a diet, you know just how important proper fluid intake is — the same goes for your cat! With the Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain, your cat will always have access to fresh, flowing water. The fountain includes a triple filter, leaving your cat’s water fresh and pure. The fountain is BPA-free and holds up to 100 ounces of water.

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Senior Cats at Play

As your feline gets between 11 and 14 years old, they’re officially considered senior cats. They still need to be active and play, though. Kittens always have more energy, but that doesn’t mean your senior feline has no interest at all. The big question here: Do older cats like cat towers too?

For the most part, the answer is yes. A pet with arthritis or other conditions that make moving painful might be less likely to enjoy something that means jumping or climbing.

With those cats, make sure you search for furniture that has a ramp with a steady incline. Sometimes, a FEANDREA cat tree for large cats includes this feature in their designs. Other popular brands carry cat furniture with stairs or ramps to provide you with options that fit your older pet’s needs perfectly.

A large senior cat with arthritis also does well with heated pads specifically made for felines. That part is extra important. A cat’s threshold for warmth is very different from other living things, so remember to only use heating pads designed for your pet.

For big arthritic cats, think about buying a heated multi-cat house so they have a spacious place to relax.

Cat Towers for First-Time Pet Owners

There’s a lot for a new cat owner to do, and that list gets longer if you have a large feline breed. First, there’s the possibility of needing to introduce your cat to other pets you have. That’s one step you don’t have to worry about if this is your only animal companion. For rescues, making adopted cats feel at home is a project in itself.

There’s an adjustment period as they settle into their forever home with you. Some cats rule over their new kingdom and subjects (i.e., you) with ease. Others need more time.

Any kitty appreciates having a place they feel safe, no matter how long they need to be comfortable exploring your house. A study of environmental enrichment for shelter cats showed that 55 percent chose to hide when given a choice between that option, perching, doing nothing, or playing with a toy.

Choose a cat tower for large cats that has a condo, cubby or some other hiding spot for your new kitty.

A striped cat rests on top of a cat tower

Encouraging Your Pet To Play on Cat Trees

With senior or overweight cats, exercise sometimes requires some persuasion on your part. Knowing how to get cats to play on towers gives you peace of mind that they’re building muscle while you go about your day.

First, where you decide to put this cat furniture is crucial. Is your cat very social or even possessive? Put the tree in a common area to make it easy for them to spend time near people.

Does your kitty have a favorite spot to lounge? Consider placing your tree there and draw your cat’s attention to it that way. Give them time to get used to this new addition, but don’t be afraid to experiment either. If one spot doesn’t work after a few weeks, try another one.

Another tip to get your pet to explore the cat tower is to reward them for going onto it. If your cat likes attention, praise them and pet them when they’re on the tree. Stick to praise for cats that like their space.

What about shy felines? Try putting treats on the cat tower. Don’t put down too many, especially if they’re trying to work off the pounds. One treat at a time does the trick. Start by putting them near the tree to build up the association between snacks and the cat tower, focusing on getting your pet closer each time. Feel free to set down two treats once they reach the top.

If you want to avoid using food as motivation, try their favorite toys or some catnip. Get the family involved and make a craft day out of it with handmade catnip toys. Trial and error help you find the ideal answer for coaxing your pet into exploring their cat tower.

More Environmental Enrichment for Large Cats

You already know that keeping bigger felines engaged at home is crucial to their overall wellness. That’s why your cat needs options instead of just one cat tree or a handful of toys.

Try adding cat grass or a catnip plant to your home. Spend time introducing your pet to the new greenery, and see if they enjoy having it around as one of many ways for large kitties to keep busy.

Think outside the box for enrichment opportunities too. In this case, the box is your house. A bird feeder placed somewhere your cat sees it — maybe near their new tower — helps them experience the instinctive thrill of the hunt without any of the risks.

While you’re being creative, it might surprise you what you find for your cat among products for small dogs. A tennis ball is easier for your hefty feline to chase than a little jingly bell toy. The fabric on the outside means they can cling to it with their claws, allowing them to throw it like their hunting instincts tell them to.

To chase, pounce on, and play with, a tennis ball for large cats is a great and affordable option to give your feline more ways to stay engaged and happy at home.

A grey cat climbs a cat tree

Alternatives to Cat Trees for Big Cats

Maybe your living space is low on room for cat furniture. Maybe your kitty just doesn’t have any interest in cat trees. Discover the best solution for your pet’s needs with this innovative option.

Choose a cat penthouse to hang in your large window with extra-strong suction cups at each corner, as well as chains from the top. A built-in ledge gives your big feline more space for stretching out too.

This cozy cubby holds multiple average-sized cats, meaning it supports your large cat easily. You can also take this on the go or just take it down to clean the window very simply. The only thing more mobile than this is a cat backpack.

If you’re nervous about a potential fall, there are window shelves for cats to place beneath the microfleece penthouse. Make yourself feel even better by choosing a pet shelf with metal bars on the underside that brace against the wall.

Overweight cat rests on a cat tower

Only the Best for Your Fat Cat

What is the best cat tree for a large cat? Browse with confidence now that you have all the basics to help you choose the top-notch cat tower for your big feline. Stay informed on your pet’s needs and the latest information by following Cattitude social media accounts today.

There are more articles on cat health and cat behavior for doting pet owners like you. Being knowledgeable about the best toys, care, and furniture for your feline is always important.

If anyone judges you for your large cat breed or beloved fat cat, give them some perspective when you show them this artist depicting giant cats in daily life.

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