These Cat Ladders Help Swiss Kitties Get Around Town

For anyone who lets their cat travel outdoors, you know how the story goes. They want out, you appease them by letting them out. Now, wait, they want back in. And then two minutes later they’re meowing their little cute heads off because they want to go outside once more. Most of us live in a place where this doesn’t pose much of a problem other than us having to get up off our tushes repeatedly. But what about when you live above the first floor?

Not all of us have a catio, although that would be great! For cats in Switzerland, it seems that cat owners came up with a clever solution to offer their kitties the chance to move about indoors and outdoors as they please. Introducing cat ladders!

These cool little railings serve a functional purpose for Swiss cats to move about, and whether they’re manmade or fancy, they are certainly fun to look at! Take a look at this fun collection of cat ladders, and we promise they won’t disappoint!

The idea to share these cat ladders with cat lovers across the globe came from Switzerland-based graphic designer and writer Brigitte Schuster. She documented various cat ladders in Bern, Switzerland, and compiled all her best images and details on the structures in a book soon to be released called Swiss Cat Ladders.

Guess the neighbors are cat owners, this one is like a little cat ladder freeway!

I love the little spiral staircase on this one! 

This one is just incredible—how the heck did they climb up there?!

Check out some sample pages from her new book:

Pretty cool, huh? Would your cats love a cat ladder? I’m sure mine would go crazy for one! But, at the same time, it’s quite risky thinking of the may consequences. Perhaps in a purrfect world, maybe!

If you’d like to order Swiss Cat Ladders, you can do so here.

All Images Courtesy of Brigitte Schuster


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