Jaclyn Blute


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Jaclyn has been a lifelong cat owner and has written pet profiles to encourage adoption as well as informed articles on the benefits of pets in the workplace or home offices.


She's owned rescue cats since she could read, from black cats to tabbies and tuxedos. At any given time, she owns 2 to 3 cats with far too many toys. Her volunteer work at an animal shelter helped create pet profiles to list online that had an element of storytelling, which allowed hopeful adopters to connect with their future pet before they even met in person. Profiles that share the story and personality of each cat helped these pets find their forever homes. Jaclyn has also written blogs on the benefits of pets in the workplace for in-person, hybrid, or fully remote environments. They're known to reduce stress, increase productivity, encourage breaks, and help create a sense of community for staff members.


She studied at Southern New Hampshire University to obtain her B.A. in Creative Writing.

Expertise: Creative writing and feline topics

Education: Southern New Hampshire University

Location: Manchester, NH

Title: Writer