Do Cats Actually Miss Their Owners When They’re Away?

do cats miss their owners

We know that cats have a concept of time. While they might not be able to read the time on the clock that’s hanging there on your wall, they can realize the difference between when you’ve just gone to the other room, and when you’ve left the house for several hours. Your cat likes to linger around when you’re home, but what do they do when you’re away? Many people will argue that cats don’t miss their owners like a dog would, but I beg to differ. While all cats are truly individuals, do cats actually miss their owners when they’re away? I say “yes”—and here’s why!

Here are three clear signs that cats do, in fact, miss their owners when they’re away…

An extra sprinkle of cat hair in your absence

When you’re away, you won’t know for certain what your cat does unless you have some sort of surveillance cameras set up in your home. We know that cats will sometimes cry out for us in our homes as a means to locate us. And this is something that cats will often do in our absence too as a means to say, “Where are you?” And another thing that cats will often do in our absence? Sleep on our garments or blankets. If you’ve ever noticed that your cat loves to lay on your favorite hoodie that you’ve left in your room while you’re away, that’s because it’s heavily dosed in your bodily perfume. The same goes for that favorite blanket tossed on your bed or couch that you drape yourself in when you’re nice and cozy at home.

Scent is a very big deal to your cat. So much so, that’s why you often see your cat grooming themselves after you pet them. And why is that? Well, that’s their way of removing your scent from their glorious coat post-pet session. So, when your cat chooses to bask in your scent in your absence, this is a telltale sign that they do miss you when you’re away!

do cats miss their owners when they're away?

Kitty in the window

We know that cats love the look of the world below from the courtesy and safety of a window. Cats like to chatter at birds, and they also are highly intelligent creatures that thrive on being stimulated. And one thing is absolutely certain when it comes to cats, they’re excellent micromanagers. They want to know what you’re doing when you’re doing it, and you know darn well if they had the ability to speak our language they’d likely tell us how to do it better, too.

When your cat is home alone, they will often wonder when it is that you’ll return. And the possibilities are endless when it comes to the questions floating around that little brain of theirs. With “Will I ever eat again?!” likely coming in as number one.  If your cat posts up in the window and you’re pulling up to your driveway and notice them looking down on the world below—it’s likely because they’re waiting for the center of their universe to return…you!

do cats miss their owners when they're gone?

Your little shadow

While cats are not spiteful beings, they can get their feelings hurt easily. So, if your cat gives you the cold shoulder when you walk into the door after being away for an extended period of time, they could be choosing to act this way simply because their feelings are hurt. But, often, you might notice that once you’ve returned home, your cat instantly becomes your little shadow. And why is that? Well, because they missed you! They could be hoping that you’re not planning on leaving again any time soon. And since they like to micromanage you as I mentioned above, they could be following you around because they missed having you near and keeping tabs on you.

Think about the way children follow their parents around when they’re home. Your cat knows that you did not give birth to them and that the two of you are different species, but in their mind, they’re closely bonded to you and that absence makes their heart grow fonder. So, the next time your kitty clings to you once you’ve returned home from an outing, consider yourself loved, lucky, and memorable.

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