Ways To Heal Your Heart After The Loss of A Cat

When a cat finds their way into our lives, they become part of our family. We even prefer to stay home and spend time with them rather than go out with human friends. Some of us have had our kitties since we were kids ourselves. But when it is time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge, it is heartbreaking. The house feels empty and there’s a hole in our soul. How do we get over the loss of our beloved lap warmer?

If you have decided on when and where to send your cat over the Rainbow Bridge, it is possibly the hardest decision you will ever have to make. And it hurts like no other. Through the tears and tissues, don’t forget that you have been your cat’s advocate for their entire life. You are their voice. You know when they are happy, what their favorite treat or toy is, when they are sick and when it is time. Take pride in that connection and being able to have the courage to make the decision for them to end their suffering.

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Don’t forget to allow yourself to grieve for your loss. Don’t just try and place the emptiness in the back of your mind and roll on with your day-to-day routine.

Grieving is an important part of moving on. Even with a loss of a pet, you will experience the stages of grief; the denial that they are really gone, the pain and guilt, the anger, and the depression. In order to start turning up from the loss, you need to let yourself experience the wholeness of the loss. Let yourself cry and mourn your kitty.

If your cat that crossed the rainbow bridge wasn’t the only cat in the household, chances are their housemate is grieving too. Animals mourn too when they lose a friend. Find comfort in each other.

Once you have had your time to mourn and grieve, start doing things that make you feel good about yourself and cherish your cat’s memory. Browse Etsy for memorials and hang up your favorite picture of them. Call up your best friend and tell stories about your cat, especially the ones that make you laugh, and never be afraid to tell the same one twice. What was your favorite memory? Go outside and get some sunshine – it is proven to be good for the soul.

Although it is impossible to replace your kitty, sometimes bringing a new life to care for can help you move on from your loss too.

Track down your local shelter and let a special friend pick you out. Adopting a cat from a shelter can help fill that hole in your heart and you are bettering another life. Most animals adopted from the shelter spend their time acting even more thankful for being adopted.

Losing a kitty hurts like hell. Especially when they are gone forever. But if you think about it, your kitty isn’t gone forever. Keep them in your thoughts and memories close to your heart. Lastly, have faith you will see them again one day.

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