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Why Do Cats Close Their Eyes When They Eat?

by Cattitude Daily

Cats, the masters of our attention and constant focus in our minds. If there is one thing that cats are good at, it’s captivating our undivided attention. I’d have to say, simply observing my cats is one of my favorite hobbies. And when watching our feline friends, we see up close and personal their interesting behavior. When our cats eat, have you ever happened to notice that they will often close their eyes when doing so? As humans, we typically do not do this. But obviously we are not cats.

Have you ever wondered to yourself why do cats close their eyes when they eat? Just keep reading and I will explain!

why do cats close their eyes when they eat?

I Feel Relaxed

When you pet your cat, they will often close their eyes. They do this for a few reasons, but mostly because they do not feel the need to be “on” and don’t sense any immediate threats around them. This is mainly because you are making them feel at ease. When your cat grooms themselves, their eyes are often closed, too. Again, your cat is relaxed. Grooming is your cat’s way of self-care but it is also used to destress and unwind. While cat behavior is often complex, keep in mind that your cat is a predatory being that is also prey to predators in the wild. And yes, they are not exposed to real-life threats in your living room, but they are hardwired to be this way.

Some dogs will display food aggression when it comes to meal time, but cats are not always this way. With our cats, each cat should be provided with their own designated food bowl in your home. It’s important that each cat feels comfortable when eating and isn’t forced to share. But, as we know, sometimes cat logic defies reasoning and they’ll choose to share regardless. Just keep in mind that your cat’s whiskers are embedded into their skin about 4x that of their fur, so pressing them against a food bowl is rather uncomfortable. 

why do cats close their eyes when they eat?

This Tastes Good

Cats are not fans of change unless it is on their terms. So, while you might become incredibly bored with eating the exact same thing every day, remember you are not a cat. Do you like to treat your cat to wet food? I’ll bet you your cat’s eyes are closed when they eat this special treat. Big cats in the wild will often close their eyes when they are eating, too. For them, they’re relaxed and enjoying the meal that they’ve worked very hard to get. And, of course, it tastes good!

why do big cats close their eyes when they eat?

Protect Those Precious Peepers

But another reason that big cats will close their eyes when they are eating is to prevent anything from going into them, such as flies, blood, or debris. After all, they’re using razor sharp teeth to tear flesh and there’s a lot of action taking place. Your feline friend in your living room isn’t that far removed from their big cat cousins. So, they just might be doing the same thing! Perhaps in that little mind of theirs, they’re devouring a freshly-slain antelope and not that boring kibble they’ve been served with on the daily. Your cat is an obligate carnivore just like their big cat cousins. And although we can tame them and make them our perfect little companions, remember folks, our cats are wild at heart.

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