Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Top Of The Refrigerator?

Our feline friends do lots of things that make us scratch our heads. Their interesting quirks and antics give us all the more reason to love them, and it undoubtedly keep us on our toes, too. We know that our cats like to follow us to the bathroom, but many cats are fond of following us into the kitchen as well. I mean, there’s food in there, after all! One place you might find your cat in your kitchen is hanging out up on top of your refrigerator. Keeping your cats off your counters is a personal preference, and when it comes to our cats cementing themselves on top of our refrigerator, well, it’s a little bit harder to get them down. If you’ve ever wondered why it is that our cats love to perch themselves on top of our refrigerators, just keep reading!

why do cats like to go on top of the refrigerator

I like the view from up above!

As the saying from Terry Pratchett goes, “In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”  When your feline friend chooses to post up on top of the fridge, they are likely doing this because it’s instinctual for them to perch, and they happen to like the view from up above. It sometimes might feel like you are simply your cat’s humble servant, and moments like these are quick reminders of it.

Even if your cat has some enrichment treat toys that encourage them to work for their treats, they’re not having to hunt for food in your home. But, keep in mind that your cat’s instincts are hardwired into their DNA. So, while they do not need to hunt for survival, they will still possess and display traits like they would should they live out in the wild. This means that when your cat is watching the view of the world from up above the safety of your fridge, they’re simply satisfying their natural desire to perch up high from predators.

Haha, you can’t get me!

If you and your cat share your home with dogs or kids, chances are that your cat wants a place to retreat where they’re free from being noticed or bothered. Your cat might think that placing themselves on top of your refrigerator is the perfect solution for this. When cats are sleeping they do not like to be bothered, and they’re much less likely to be startled sleeping on a sturdy base that’s nearly six feet high. And not only is this an area with low traffic, but your fridge also gives off heat, and we all know that cats love to be warm.

I like observing you, human

If you’ve read any of my articles here on this website, then you know I preach often about cats being micromanagers. And do you happen to know who your cat’s very favorite person to micromanage is? YOU! With that being said, another reason that cats like to hang out on top of refrigerators—especially when you’re in the kitchen—is because this way they can keep close tabs on you. Because, what if you go in the pantry for a treat—or drop a piece of food on the floor? Well, they want to be there for it because we all know that cats love to eat.

Another reason your cat will do this is because despite what people say, cats like to be near their humans, and some cats are known for being particularly clingy. When I am in my living room, my cat loves to be at the highest point on his tall cat tower—and I’ll often feel him watching me closely. So, if your cat likes to watch you up high from the fridge, take it as a compliment!

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