How to Pick a Cat Tree Your Cat Will Love – From An Expert View

Have you ever been sitting on the couch in your living watching your majestic feline entertain her spirited self? Until, suddenly, she starts scratching the furniture and immediately you get taken out of your daydream of having the perfect cat. Well, we’ve all been there, for sure. If you’ve been brought to our page, it probably means that somewhere along the line you decided your feline friend needed her own space to explore and be adventurous. Sounds like you’re deciding on some new cat furniture with your specific kitty in mind.

The internet can be an overwhelming shopping place, thankfully, our experts have done the hard work for you! We’ve provided you with a detailed outline of everything you need to know about giving your cat the best possible match of furniture. So, check it out and decide on your cat furniture, today!

Why Cat Furniture?

First things first, why on earth does one’s feline friend need a cat tower? Well. . . the answer is quite obvious. Indoor cats, as well as outdoor cats, have adventure built into their DNA. There’s no doubt about that. Therefore, as a cat owner, one should provide all the necessary cat furniture to not only make pets happy but to also, hopefully, make the actual human furniture last a little longer.

Let’s take a look through a few reasons why investing in good quality cat furniture will be beneficial:

#1 Exercise

It’s so hard for indoor cats to get enough exercise. It’s not shocking that humans need to go to work. While at work, those feline friends (at least, some of ours) are just lounging around in the little sunlight that shines through the window.

A new cat tree or cat tower, equipped with a perfect cat condo will provide one or multiple cats with a literal indoor play mansion! It’s kind of like bringing one of those fast-food restaurant play places directly into your living room for your kids – except, well, cat-sized. And for cats.

Overall, the exercise aspect of cat furniture is great, allowing your cats to focus on building muscle, burning energy, and just exploring in and out of all the various crevices. The things cats love to do aside from sassily pushing your trinkets off the mantel. 

#2 The Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

Most likely the very first, most traditional cat tree was built to get cats to stop scratching furniture (we don’t know that for a fact, but it’s super logical). It’s a given that this can be really difficult. No matter how many cat scratchers you buy for your lovely cat, they’ll most likely scratch for a few days and then get totally bored. With a cat tower, though, it’s literally the ultimate cat scratching post. There are so many different places to go scratch and explore, felines aren’t necessarily bound to get bored super easily.

Not only is cat furniture great for scratching but it’s also built precisely to attract and handle your small, medium, or large cat. The cat tower is built specifically strong enough to handle the following:

  • Aggressive cat scratching
  • Long term cat scratching
  • Different taste cat scratching

It’s important to note the last bullet point there – different taste cat scratching – in essence, this means that all cats are built differently and are unique. Meaning that their scratching habits tend to vary. Thankfully, the cat experts of the cat tree world have taken this into serious consideration when designing cat furniture. Providing cats with different angles of scratchers – vertical, horizontal, and straight. This is something to pay close attention to when purchasing. One will want to understand their cat personally and know what their preferred scratching method is before making any final decisions.

cat in cat tree

#3 Perch Away

One thing that’s a known fact about cats is that they love to perch, just like their animal friends – the bird – haha. Providing them with cat furniture like a cat tower, condo, or tree can be super beneficial to their perching habits. This cat furniture can ultimately provide cats with a space that’s completely their own. Safe to sleep, safe to rest, safe to play, and safe to sunbathe at their heart’s content.

Cat Furniture Styles

Now that one can understand why bringing a traditional cat tree, modern cat tree, or new cat condo into your home. Let’s take a look at a few different styles. It’s important to know the cat’s unique personality when choosing a cat tower. Therefore, while reading these fun facts about each style, think about exactly what that special kitty loves!

Wooden Cat Tree

Wooden cat trees come with a variety of benefits. Many affect both the cat owner and their feline friend. It’s important to note the following and whether or not this is the right choice for your home:

  • Sturdy: due to its wooden nature, the wooden cat tree is quite sturdy. Whether its potential is for a large cat, small cat, heavy cat, or older cat, the wooden cat tree will mostly fit anyone.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: The wooden cat tree tends to blend in better with a sleek and stylish house vibe, making it a hit at parties, get-togethers, or just when friends come to visit

Check out this wooden cat tree that our experts have been raving about:

PAWZ Road Cat Tree.

Large enough for multiple, heavy cats this cat furniture won’t let you down. It also comes equipped with a variety of scratching posts and privacy options. Topped with a gorgeous perch that’s machine washable.

Price: $89.99

Traditional Cat Tree

The traditional cat tree can be a bit different than wooden cat furniture. When purchasing a traditional cat tree, a cat owner will definitely save some money. With that in mind, it might be best to purchase it for smaller, older, or just, in general, sleepy cats. This tree is great for the abovementioned types of pets, but with an adventurous kitten bound to grow up quickly and be a bit heavier, the traditional cat tree might show some wear and tear.

Either way, our cat experts believe that the traditional cat tree can be absolutely purrrrfect for certain cats. On top of that, their cat owners will surely love the price tag. Here’s the traditional cat tree that our experts suggest is a cat favorite:

3-Tier Cat Tree for Indoor Cats

Does your cat love a good rope scratching post? Then this is the one for you! This 3-Tier cat tree provides cats with TWO rope scratchers, an adorable private cat condo, and two places for the best perch.

Price: $43.95

cat tree recommendations

Large Cat Tower

Investing in a large cat tower can, subsequently, be a very good choice. It could potentially become the best cat tree in the neighborhood. Large cat towers have a variety of benefits. Here are just a few we thought would be important to consider:

  • Great for multiple cats: Providing a space with enough nooks, crannies, and cat scratchers is, no doubt, important for a household with multiple cats.
  • SO MANY PERCHES: Large cat trees are usually some odd 67″ tall. That means that the number of perches surely will fit a cat owner with multiple cats.
  • Cat Scratch and Cat Condo Galore: With a cat house that’s tall, it’s no doubt there will be multiple scratchers and condos available for our feline friends.

The large cat tower definitely seems like the best choice for someone with multiple cats or even just one very energetic cat.

Our experts came up with a very nice large cat tree that’ll be impeccable for that special feline friend:

Feandrea 67″ Multi-level Cat Tree

This enticing cat tree is a literal cat tree house. . . only made out of carpet. This substantially strong, tall cat tree will be perfect for someone with one of those extra-large cats or a big-hearted cat owner with multiple cats! Coming equipped with two cat condos, two amazing places to perch, a variety of cat scratchers positioned in multiple ways, and even some toys.

Price: $89.99

The Modern Cat Tree

The modern cat tree is one that’ll not only blend into your modern home but also add character. A cat owner with a beautiful home can still provide their feline friend with a captivating cat tower.

Here’s a modern cat tree that our experts couldn’t wait to share:

Vesper Cat Tree

The Vesper is beautifully crafted and will be an incredible addition to your home. Whether the plan is to keep it in the living room, bedroom, or closet, this modern cat tree will fit anywhere. Coming fully equipped with two perches, an elegant white cat condo, some toys, and, of course, a large variety of scratching options. Any feline friend would be ecstatic to have this cat furniture! They’re sure to meow with a less unimpressed tone. 

Price: $160.99

cat tree recommendations

Carpet Cat Tree

The best part about a good carpet cat tree is that it’s so versatile, coming in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. This cat tree will make any cat owner happy. So, why is a carpeted cat tree the way to go? Check it out:

  • Softness: The obvious answer. What kitty doesn’t love kneading imaginary dough on a nice, soft blanket? Well. . . a cat tree with a soft rug with provide them with that same feeling.
  • Easier Cleaning: A carpeted cat tree can so easily just be vacuumed rather than wiped down. Making cleaning that much easier of a task. Also, holding onto cat hair rather than sending it back into the air.
  • A safe place: The soft and comfy feeling will definitely provide your feline friend with a safe place that they’ll happily call home.

Here is an amazing carpet cat tree that our experts suggest:

Yaheetch Cat Tower

This beautiful, high-quality gray carpet cat tree is perfect for a household of any size. Coming in a variety of different sizes, this is great for a single cat or multi-cat household. None of your precious feline friends will be disappointed by the two cat condos or three perches. This cat tower also comes equipped with toys and plenty of places to scratch!

Price: Starting at $61.99

Teach Your Cat to Love It – 4 Simple Steps

Bringing anything new into your feline friend’s life can be a hit or a miss. While a new piece of cat furniture is sure to entice your cats, it might take a bit for them to get used to it. Follow these steps to make sure that you’re kitty quickly falls in love with their new cat tree:

  1. Location, Location, Location

Where’s your kitty’s favorite spot? Is it sunbathing in the kitchen window? Maybe sleeping snuggled on the top of the couch? Whatever the location, IT MATTERS. It’s probably the most important aspect of turning your small or large cat on to their new cat furniture.

Choose a location that you know your cat hangs out in often and it’ll definitely spark some curiosity. If they have a cat bed already in the spot, try moving it onto one of the perches or inside the cat condo. This could attract them and help them realize you WANT them to play on this piece of furniture.

  1. Attention is Everything

Attention is a huge part of a cat’s life. As seasoned cat owners, trust us on that. There are definitely acceptions to the rules (those lovelies that actually hate attention) but even they sometimes secretly crave it. With this in mind, giving your cat attention while they’re playing on their cat tower is VERY important.

Start with regular pets and grooming while they’re on their cat tree. Then, with some serious positive reinforcement, when cats use their cat scratcher or sleep in their cat condo. This will give your cat the understanding that this is their home and safe place to do all their crazy cat things.

  1. Bribery Works When All Else Fails

Cats respond very well to treats. New toys and furniture can definitely be intimidating to our furry friends. Building a comfortable and trustworthy environment is super important. By leaving treats, maybe some water, or even just a pile of food next to the cat tree, your feline friend should feel enticed and understand that this cat tree is especially for them.

Tips on Food Attraction:

Start by putting food or treats next to the cat tower. Trying to attract them to come closer. Once they eat this, move up a level and then another until your feline friend is at the top.

By bribing the cats to climb up the cat tower, they’ll, hopefully, understand that you genuinely want them to climb here. Once they get to the top and feel only positive vibes, the hope is that they’ll know and understand that it’s their home. Most likely, once they’re comfortable, they’ll not-so-kindly ask you to leave. 

cats twitch their tails

  1. Toys & Cat Nip – Last, But Certainly Not Least

A new tall cat tree might be a bit harsh on your timid indoor cats, but rest assured that there are many ways to get them used to it. Following the first three steps mentioned above should definitely help your cats get used to the new cat furniture and understand its use, but there is, even more, to get them to absolutely fall in love!

Try putting your cat’s favorite toys throughout their cat tree. Cats feel ownership over their toys and placing them in their new home will give them a bit more reassurance that they’re allowed to climb, scratch, sleep, and relax throughout this amazing furniture.

Last, but certainly not least, try some catnip! Catnip is an easy and totally attractive snack for our kitties. Whether you have the all enticing catnip spray or the good old-fashion flakes, this will immediately attract your feline friend.

The Importance of These 4 steps

There are a few things to keep in mind when adding such a new addition to your cat’s life. By using the 4 steps provided in this article, your cat will soon learn to love their new home. Hopefully, enough to stop scratching your furniture, keep their hair in one place, and, obviously, show their appreciation. You know, by maybe only pawing one candle instead of three off of their respective surfaces.


It’s no doubt that any cat owner would love to provide their kitties with the best playground ever, am I right?

This can sometimes prove to be quite an uphill battle. Whether it be finding a tree that fits into your home’s aesthetic, getting a tree perfect for your unique pets, or just, in general, trying to get your cats to love it, we’ve got you!

Giving you the utmost professional information has been the top of our priorities. This is the one-stop spot for bringing the perfect new addition of cat furniture into your home. Both aimed toward outdoor and indoor cats, you won’t be disappointed with your choice!

Through this elaborate cat tree purchasing outline, hopefully, you won’t only find a perfect cat tree for your home, but it’ll also provide a better understanding of one’s feline friend. Understanding their scratching method, level of timidness, and just overall personality is important to weigh out all the different aspects of each unique cat.

From our experts to you, we wish you happy shopping and hope you and your feline friend quickly fall in love with your new cat tree!

cat in tree

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