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Why Are So Many Cats Obsessed With Laundry Baskets?

by Cattitude Daily

Our cats can be a bit predictable at times—just don’t tell them that! And, if there’s one thing that they’re a tad predictable about, it’s your laundry. Pepper is absolutely obsessed with laundry baskets, and his favorite hobby as of late is to hide in my oldest daughter’s popup basket and give me a good scare when the opportunity presents itself. And when it comes to that fresh laundry, he’s a huge fan of that, too. Have you ever wondered why so many cats are obsessed with laundry baskets? Keep reading, because I’m here to tell you!

Your cat is no dummy, and those clothes be fresh and warm!

Pepper is a hawk when he sees those clean clothes coming in hot. Ever since he was a wee kitten, he’d plop his body right onto those hot clothes and roll around just like the silly cat that he is. But, this one is pretty easy to uncover, because cats simply love to be warm! Your cat gravitates to warmth, and we know this. But that’s also why you should be careful of those warm things in your home, like salt lamps. Additionally, it’s another reason why we always must first check our dryer before starting a load of clothes to prevent deadly accidents from happening.

Human, can you find me?

We know that our cats are big fans of stalking us, and that shield of protection that the laundry basket provides them with is a fun place to do it! Your cat can, and will, catch you with the element of surprise. Just be sure you don’t have a cup of hot coffee in your hand when this occurs…not that I would know from experience. Cats like to hide for a few reasons, and that laundry basket often provides them with the perfect means to do it. But you know what’s even cooler about this basket that closely resembles the shape of a box? It’s equipped with the perfect spying holes! If you’ve got a squirrelly cat in your life, that frisky feline might fancy themselves a laundry basket to retreat to because it’s the best of both worlds in their mind. A place to hide—but also peek out at the world. And, of course, to pounce from when necessary.

Baby Pepper rolling around the fresh laundry

D.N.D I’m sleeping, yo

Think about it like this. Do you like to be disturbed when you’re sleeping? I think I speak for more than just myself when I say interruptions in my sleep are a quick way to get snapped at. And, well, that cute little “brrr” sound that they make is often heard when you wake them up from that laundry basket they’ve made themself cozy and comfy in. When cats are sleeping, like deep sleeping not snoozing, the last thing that they want is to be disturbed. So, cats like laundry baskets because it often gives them a quiet place to retreat. When a cat is deep sleeping, usually in the late morning and afternoon, they prefer to do this in a place where they can have the uninterrupted peace they crave, combined with the security they love. That snug laundry basket does the job just right!

Mmmm, this smells like my cat mom/dad

Have you ever come home only to find your cat sleeping on that pile of clothes that you swore you were going to throw into the wash for three days? Yeah, well you’re certainly not the only cat owner that this has happened to. Your cat might groom themselves after you pet them to get your scent off of them, but they do actually like your scent because it reminds them of you. Cats can grow anxious in your absence, and by basking in your scent, it can help them to feel calm and relaxed when you’re away. So, yeah, that’s probably one of the main reasons why your clothes are typically dusted with cat hair!

why do cats love laundry baskets

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