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Why Do Cats Like To Hide?

by Cattitude Daily

When it comes to cats, we know that they have lots of quirks. They love to knock our things to the ground, they sometimes get the cat crazies, and boxes are their kryptonite, too. And one thing that many cat owners know all too well is that cats like to hide. And best of all, they like to spy on us and pounce at the perfect time. Usually, we laugh it off, but there are times when our cats hide and scare the bejeezus out of us. Have you ever wondered why it is that cats like to hide? Just keep reading, because I’m here to tell you.

And, since our feline friends are rather complex, it seems that cats like to hide for a few good reasons…

why do cats like to hide?

Cats hide and pounce because it’s in their nature to hunt

Your cat will hide, because this is one of the tactics that they would use if they were hunting in the wild. If you’ve ever watched National Geographic footage of big cats, you’d notice this, too. This is especially true for cats that live in the forest or jungle. When your cat is hunting, this is a carefully orchestrated performance. Your cat is locked in, focused intently on their prey. Even if that prey is just your ankle they’re about to latch onto when they’ve been hiding under the sofa. Love bites, remember?

Cats like to hide because it gives them a sense of security

When your cat’s guard is down, they are relaxed and not prepared to attack. But, don’t think their fight or flight response won’t kick in should something startle them. Cats like to hide in boxes because it provides a safe little place to give them the sense of security and safety that they crave. If you’ve ever purchased a cat bed for your cat only to find them not using it, you’re not alone. Your cat would much rather retreat to a quiet place away from noise and interruptions in the times when they choose to rest.

why cats like to hide

Shhh. You’re being too loud

If there is one thing that cats do not like, it’s to be woken up when they’re sleeping. Forget how you feel when you are sleeping, human. Your cat does not care about your beauty rest. But, a cat’s sleep is extremely precious to them, and often they will find places to retreat when they choose to sleep rather than cat nap. This easily explains why cats like to hide when they’re sleeping because they don’t want to be bothered. How dare you interrupt a cat’s beauty sleep I say!

Why do some cats like to hide under blankets?

Not all cats do this, but for those cats that do, they are likely seeking warmth. This is especially true for hairless cats or cats which do not have thick coats, like a Turkish Angora, for example. You likely wouldn’t find a fluffy Maine Coon or a British Shorthair hiding under blankets, but anything is possible when it comes to our feline friends! And, if you happen to be under that blanket, well, your feline friend might just want to be cozied up next to you. When you are your cat’s favorite person, they are happiest when they’re near you.

Remember, some cats are simply “scaredy cats”

I happen to have a scaredy cat in my life, so I know this all too well. For my itty bitty kitty, Tom, he is naturally skittish and untrusting. I have to consistently coax him out of his shell. And certain breeds of cats are naturally more skittish than others. Whenever we adopt a cat, we often do not know their history. With time, patience, and trust, a cat that is scared can start to let down their guard and begin to come around more. And, with time, start to hide less and less.

Practice a proactive approach to encourage your feline friend to reveal their more relaxed side. Any cat regardless of age can adapt, learn, and grow. Cats are not naturally trusting creatures, so you’ll have to work to build that trust. But, once you do, I promise that it’ll be worth it.

why do cats like to hide

Your cat hiding can also be a sign of pain

When we are sick, we often want to be left alone in our misery. Cats are hardwired the same way. If your cat who is usually friendly is suddenly hiding, this can very well be a sign that they are in pain. Think of this as a warning sign and look for other cues, too. A cat that is in pain could hide, but they could also avoid the litter box, or not want to eat or drink either. Our feline friends are stoic creatures and notorious for hiding their pain. Don’t allow them to suffer in silence if you notice that hiding starts to become a regular routine for them. Take them in for a checkup to assess their health. The sooner you diagnose whatever is ailing your cat, the better.

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