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Why Do Cats Get The Zoomies?

by Cattitude Daily

Cats do lots of things that make our minds wonder, “what the heck are they thinking!?” One of these crazy cat behaviors is most certainly the zoomies! Have you ever wondered why cats suddenly get cuckoo brains on you and scurry across the room, running around as if they’ve totally lost their minds? Well, we can explain to you why your cat gets the zoomies—especially after they’ve used the litter box. Just keep reading, cat lover!

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Why does my cat get the zoomies?

Dogs certainly do this silly behavior, too, but for them it’s generally following a bath. Also known as the cat crazies, this can happen after your cat goes #2 or simply just because.  When it’s simply just because, and usually when you’re not expecting it, your cat may choose to release their pent up energy by way of going bananas all over your house.

If you’ve returned home after a long outing, your cat can get the zoomies because they are naturally excited that you’re home and this has triggered their feline minds that it’s time to party! Most of all, your cat doesn’t care if you’re exhausted, they get the cat zoomies on their watch and you just better hope all the breakables are out of the way.

We can’t talk about cat zoomies without a good cat zoomie video!

Something to keep in mind, though, if your cat is yowling or angry when they are experiencing cat zoomies, this could be a cause of concern. If your cat is in pain, they act this way as a way to express their frustration.

Why does my cat get the zoomies after he uses the litter box?

Many cat owners can certainly relate to this. And the cleanup is never fun when there’s litter sprinkled all around the litter box and the floor. For cats, there are a few highly hypothesized reasons as to why they get the zoomies after they’ve made a stink in their bathroom box.

Let’s break them down for you so you can better understand the feline mind…

That smells dreadful, goodbye!

When it’s after they’ve had a moment in their litter box, it’s a chemical reaction that makes them excited for having just released a bowel movement. (That brain gut connection is a very real thing, even for cats!) But additionally, your cat is literally zooming away from that nasty poop they don’t want to be anywhere near. Cats are the epitome of cleanliness, they aren’t trying to hangout next to that stinky thing!

Although domesticated, your cat is still wild at heart

Not to get graphic, but for your cat, when they are going #2, this is when they are most vulnerable as their minds are focused strictly on the task at hand. Once they’ve done their thing, their instinctual fight or flight adrenal response may kick in and flip them into survival mode. Although it’s silly because clearly our cats are pampered and not at risk in our own homes, this response is hardwired into their DNA. Hence, the zoomies after pooping reaction! Poop and run, folks, poop and run.

I feel good now!

Okay, again, keeping details vague here. But I think it goes without saying that there is an immediate feeling of relief once we’ve used the restroom to rid our bodies of you-know-what.

Although as humans we simply keep it to ourselves our inner elation, your cat is a cat and they will often express their feelings of contentment for all to see. Both humans and cats have a vagus nerve running from their brain stem. And this is what triggers this “poo-phoria” response and sends them zooming across your living room post-poop.

Interesting zoomies poop factoid: many have hypothesized that kittens often display this behavior as a way of showing independence from their mothers. As if to say, “I’m a big kitten now, Mommy! I can do this on my own!” When they were itty bitty, they needed their mothers to spot clean them afterwards. Now, they’re big kittens now and don’t need mommy babying them post-poop any longer. 


This reason is less likely, but it can be a clear indication that something is wrong with kitty. If your cat is associating the litter box with pain, it’s very well possible that they will zoom away from it immediately after using it. In this circumstance, a cat will often cry out or meow loudly as a way to express their frustration and pain. Remember, zoomies after pooping are completely harmless. But if your cat is crying out too and appears distressed, take notice. This is a clear sign that they need you to take them to the vet to assess their situation pronto.

Did you learn anything new about our feline friends? Share this with other cat lovers so that they can learn something, too! 

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