Why Do Cats Like To Sleep In Sinks?

Our feline friends are notorious for doing silly things that we love. And, since we’re naturally curious like our feline friends, we often wonder why they do them. There’s the not-so-cute cat behaviors like when they stick their rear in our faces, but then there are the things that they do that make us stop and say “aww” in gratitude. We know that cats love boxes, but many cats also love to sleep in our sinks.

And this is especially true whenever they follow us to the bathroom. Our cat’s life philosophy of “if I fits, I sits” is a very real thing and we often love to see our cats live life by this motto. Whether big or small, our cats often love to cozy right up in our porcelain bathroom sinks. So, if you’ve ever wondered why it is that cats like to sleep in sinks, just keep reading!

why do cats like to sleep in sinks

Why do cats like to sleep in sinks? Well, there are a few reasons, actually…

Your cat is at it again. You need to brush your teeth or wash your face and they simply won’t budge. Your cat doesn’t care about your timeframe, you’re on their schedule and you should know that by now. When your cat sleeps in your sink, is this usually when you are in there, too? Our cats are connoisseurs of comfort, and that cool, cozy dish feels nice when it’s warm…which usually happens when you’ve just taken a hot shower.

Your cat also likes to be enveloped in security when they’re resting—just like they do with cardboard boxes. When they’re relaxing in the sink, they’re satisfying their innate urge to always be as comfy and cozy as possible. Cats do what they want when they want it. This is nothing new. So, for your cat, that sink is like a cat pod in which they can recharge their battery—and usually watch you, too, should they want to.

Remember, your cat is your micromanager. This is the main reason why they follow you to the bathroom.

You are their sole universe, and they need to keep tabs on you at all times…even if you’re trying to relieve yourself in the restroom.

Now, if you find that your cat is sleeping in your sink when you’re not in the bathroom, this is probably because as mentioned above, the sink gives them that little cocoon of security they crave, and the bathroom is often a quiet place to catch up on Zzz’s for them. You know, until you go looking for them and turn on the light and rudely interrupt their precious slumber.

Another reason why your cat likes laying in the sink? This is because there’s a faucet, with the freshest water in your home attached to it. I’ve seen many cat videos online of cats lying in the sink and turning the faucet on to fancy themselves a fresh drip of H2O.  To your cat, fresh is always high on their list of preferences.

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