Seven Cat Breeds That Are Totally Clingy

clingy cat breeds

Cats will be cats… or will they? It seems that many cats share similar traits when they are of the same breed. Bengals are known for being super active. And Siamese? Well, they’re known for meowing your ear off! And Maine Coon cats? Well, they’re loved by all for their gentle and calm nature. While cats are individuals by nature, some breeds of cats are known for their desire to be near you. Yep, that’s right. There are a few breeds that are well-known for their clingy nature. Wondering which are the clingiest cat breeds out there? Just keep reading!

Here’s my list of seven cat breeds that are totally clingy…

facts about siamese cats


Anyone who has ever kept a Siamese cat knows all too well just how vocal these cats are. Often reported as the most vocal cat breed, this is not the sort of cat that does well being left alone for extended periods of time. These are most certainly companion cats, and they thrive when they receive companionship in return.

Check out this pretty girl, appropriately named Sassy, showing off her powerful meows for us…

They are attached to their people and can easily become anxious and stressed when they feel lonely. If you are considering taking in a Siamese cat, it would likely be best to have another cat at home to keep them company should you have a job that requires long hours.

You won’t have to wonder when your Siamese cat has something on their mind, because they will always be the first to let you know with their loud meows. These cats are well-known for being super clingy, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve landed on my list of clingy cat breeds.

clingy cat breeds


An Abyssinian cat is an excellent climber, and they are incredibly inquisitive cats, too. And if they see something that catches their immediate interest, they aren’t afraid to go after it. says that Abyssinian cats are sometimes referred to as “Aby-grabbys” because they tend to take things that grab their interest. If you’re considering adding one of these pretty kitties to your home, be sure to invest in a nice cat tree to keep them happy. This is a cat that thrives on being with their humans, and loves to play and interact. These are not your sort of cat that’s fine with being alone or being aloof. They crave attention and aren’t shy about demanding it when they see fit.

smartest cat breeds

The Abyssinian cat ranks high on many lists of the smartest cat breeds–mine included! They spend their days exploring and climbing and are happiest when they are mentally stimulated. And when it comes to what you’re doing, don’t be surprised if an Abyssinian cat always feels the need to micromanage it. Their personality teeters on sophisticated and silly, and there is never a dull moment should you have one of these cats in your home. Because of their nature to naturally gravitate to their people, they have a spot on my list as one of the clingiest cat breeds.


Ah, the Sphynx. How I adore these hairless kitty cats. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet one, then you know just how incredibly sweet, charismatic, and clingy these cats are. They might cuddle up to you and cling for warmth, and this is a cat breed that it’s okay to dress up because they love to be nice and toasty. Something interesting about these cats that you may not have known is that their internal body temperature is slightly higher than that of other cat breeds. This is because their body acclimates to not having that fur coat to keep them warm.

The Sphynx is known for being sweet, energetic, and highly inquisitive. Should you have one in your life, then you know all too well that these cats are happiest when they’re right by your side. Another little fun fact for you on these hairless felines? They’re actually a naturally occurring cat breed out of Canada!


Persian cats are well known for their docile and gentle nature. These cats are sweet, and refined, and you won’t find them surfing your countertops or hanging from your curtains. These well-mannered felines are happiest when they are in your company, whether that means that they’re asleep comfy and cozy on your lap or in their cat bed right beside you. The Persian cat breed falls on my list of clingy cat breeds because these cats are highly sensitive and do not like to be left alone often.

A Persian cat is best kept strictly indoors, and this is for a few reasons. First off, that hair needs to be kept in tip-top shape to prevent matting. Secondly, they are naturally timid and the outdoors can be a very scary place for them. These are not your cats that will roam and seek out catfights. They will, however, seek out their humans and crave to be right near them. This is a pampered feline which is happiest when they’re being pampered by you.

clingiest cat breeds


Not only are Burmese cats absolutely stunning, but their personalities are totally rad, too. Miss Rigby the Boat Kitty is a perfect example of just how dog-like these felines can be. The Burmese cat is a solid feline with glowing eyes and a beautiful coat, and they are often referred to as “bricks wrapped in silk” because of it. Owners of these cats often report their feline’s innate desire to be with them at all times. And because of their dog-like nature, they’ve earned a spot on my list of the clingiest cat breeds.

These cats have a round head and expressive eyes which suck you right into their gaze. They are playful and loving, and extremely devoted and loyal to the pets and people in their life. Although they were originally bred with the Siamese cat, they are not nearly as talkative. And, when they do talk, their voices are a bit raspier and hoarse sounding.

Oriental Shorthair

Oh, these cats are just out of this world for so many reasons. In case you didn’t know, the Oriental Shorthair can come in more coat patterns and colors than any other breed of cat! These lean, long, ballerina-like cats have triangular-shaped heads with satellite-like ears for a unique appearance like no other cat breed has. These cats are naturally entertaining, and there’s never a dull moment when you’re around one.

These cats desperately crave attention, and they are not suited for a home where they’ll spend long hours on end all alone. They are happiest when they are near you, and they are not shy about demanding your attention whenever they crave it.

The Oriental Shorthair is also known for their preference of the person, and when they choose their favorite person, that’s it for them. These cats share DNA with the Siamese, so they’ll chat your ear off, too.

Curious as to how cats come to choose their favorite people? Read about it here on!

fluffiest cat breeds


Famous for their tendency to go limp on you when you hold them, the Ragdoll is also notorious for being a super clingy cat breed. The Ragdoll cat is one of the fluffiest of all cat breeds, and these gentle giants of the cat world are loved for their sweet dog-like personalities. This is a cat that makes an ideal family kitty, and there is so much to love about them.

The Ragdoll cat is a beautiful blend of the Himalayan, Burmese, and Persian cat breeds. And because of their desire to seek you out for attention the way that a canine would, this is why they land themselves a spot on the list of clingy cat breeds. Their desire to be in your presence makes them steal your heart, and there is nothing aloof about these fluffy, large-and-in-charge felines. Many Ragdoll cats have been known for their tendency to follow their humans around the house, wherever they may go. And if you’ve ever had a Ragdoll cat, then you know these kitties will always do exactly as they please!

clingy cat breeds

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