The Seven Smartest Cat Breeds

I honestly believe that all cats are intelligent. After all, they’ve all easily trained us to wait on their every command. They demand food and we eagerly provide, we pet them when they choose, and we are allowed to love them on their terms. Seems like they are tiny geniuses, right? Well, as it turns out, scientifically speaking there are certain cat breeds that are considered to be the smartest cat breeds of all. Wondering what they are?

Here’s my list of the seven smartest cat breeds…

smartest cat breeds


These ballerinas of the cat world are known for their loud meows. But don’t let those crazy meows fool you, these intelligent cats are the masters at getting what they want—your undivided attention. The Siamese cat is a clingy cat breed, and they do best in a calm and relaxed environment where they can receive the attention they crave. Should your Siamese cat become bored, you will be the first to know as they are not shy at hiding their discontent. The Siamese often comes in on many lists of the smartest cat breeds. Although it’s true that some cats can be smarter than other cats within a breed, Siamese cats are well-known for their intelligence.

smartest cat breeds


Not only is the Sphynx one of the smartest cat breeds that there is, but they’re also one of the friendliest, too.  These Canadian cats are curious, loyal, and very intelligent. And those smarts of theirs are perfectly matched with their silly disposition. These affectionate cats love to cuddle and won’t be shy about letting you know when they want more stimulation. Fun fact about this breed you may not have known: they require weekly baths!

smartest cat breeds


These pint-sized house leopards with superb stripes can master tricks and learn new things with ease. Their curiosity can often get the best of them, and they are quite vocal and demanding when they want something, too. Bengal cats are the only domestic cats with rosette markings that mimic big cats including leopards, jaguars, and ocelots. The Bengal cat is as smart as it is active, so puzzle games and other enrichment toys are a great match for their sharp wits.

smartest cat breeds


I’ve always loved these ticked-coat cuties. The Abyssinian cat is sleek, athletic, and a true sight to behold. Their coats are often seen in the classic cinnamon shade, but they also come in fawn or blue, too. These cats got their name from the land which they hail, Abyssinia—now known as Ethiopia. Abyssinian cats are often high on the list of the smartest cat breeds. They spend their days exploring and climbing and are happiest when they are being mentally stimulated. And when it comes to what you’re doing, don’t be surprised if an Abyssinian cat always feels the need to micromanage it.

smartest cat breeds

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a unique looking feline that has never met a stranger. They excel at learning new things and love to entertain their owners with their endless kooky cat antics. The body of the Cornish Rex is almost like the Whippet of the dog world, with fine curly hair all over its body. These cats are super active and need to find stimulating means to expend their boundless energy. Cornish Rex cats are very interactive with people, and they love to be the center of attention. And because they’re so smart, they aim to impress you with their intelligent cat behavior.

smartest cat breeds


The Burmese cat is as stunning as they are intelligent. They can be easily leash trained and their strongest desire is to do whatever their humans are doing. Miss Rigby the Boat Kitty is a perfect example of just how smart, fearless, and energetic these cats can be. They can do everything a dog can do—and true to cat form, even better! These striking cats are medium-sized with solid bodies, round heads, and gorgeously expressive eyes that cast their spell on you. Their coloring is usually a darker brown, but you might even see a Burmese cat which is chocolate, champagne, or even lilac.

smartest cat breeds

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat might be most famous for their folded ears or signature Buddha-style sitting posture, but they are also on many lists of smartest cat breeds. These cats are the preferred breed of choice for the richest cat lady on Earth, Ms. Taylor Swift, and it’s easy to see why given their many charming qualities. Fun Scottish Fold cat fact for you: not all Scottish Fold cats have classic folded ears. These are known as “unfolded” Scottish Folds. The folding of their ears comes as a result of a naturally dominant-gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the cat’s body. For this reason, Scottish Fold cats are not to be bred with other Scottish Fold cats. Instead, they are bred with American or British Shorthair cats.

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