The Five Fluffiest Cat Breeds

All cats are absolutely stunning in my opinion, but there is something so majestic and equally precious when it comes to those super fluffy kitty cats. Maine Coons should come as no surprise as one of the fluffiest cat breeds, but there are a few others that have earned their spots as the fluffiest cat breeds in the feline world. Curious as to what they are? 

Here's my list of the fluffiest cat breeds for your reading pleasure…

fluffiest cat breeds

Maine Coons

Majestic, striking, and oh-so-regal, the Maine Coon cat is a breed which is the first officially born and bred American cat breed. That super fluffy coat of theirs has helped this breed to withstand those chilly Maine temperatures, and because of it they are here today and thriving. The Maine Coon cat is a favorite among many cat lovers across the globe—myself included! The Maine Coon cat has a coat that looks much different in the summer than it does in the winter. And I can tell you this from personal experience. The coat sheds almost like the cat is molting during the start of the warmer months. In the winter, their coats are fluffy, full, and just begging to be pet. If you'd like to learn more about Maine Coon Cats, check out this article here. fluffiest cat breeds


The Persian cat is by far one of the most easily recognizable of all the cat breeds. This ancient cat breed is also known as being one of the oldest of all cat breeds. If you were to go to a cat show, then you'd get a chance to see one of these super fluffy kitty cats up close and personal. And, if their owner is nice enough, you might even get to hold one, too! These cats are all fluff, and most weigh in around the average cat size of 9 lbs. These cats are reportedly known for being calm and sweet, with good cat manners, too. Many Persian cat owners report that their kitties prefer not to jump or climb. They are docile cats and require routine grooming to keep those fluffy and fine coats of theirs tangle free. If you'd like to learn more about Persian cats, check out this article here. fluffiest cat breeds

Norwegian Forest Cats

Did you know that these cats are also referred to as Viking cats? Vikings used to sail the high seas and were fond of bringing these skilled feline hunters along with them to kill the rodents onboard the ship. Norwegian Forest Cats, AKA Wedgies, have a thick, dense undercoat that has helped them to survive generations of harsh Scandinavian winters. fluffiest cat breeds Matched with their superior hunting abilities, these large and in charge felines have a majestic coat that's just begging to be pet. But what's even cooler about that coat of theirs? It's even waterproof! If you'd like to learn more about Norwegian Forest cats, check out this article here.  fluffiest cat breeds


Ragdoll cats are super fluffy and oh-so-pretty! From those super soft and creamy coats to their striking blue eyes, the Ragdoll cat is a favorite among many cat lovers. If you're curious as to how these gorgeous felines got their name, you'd know as soon as you held one in your arms. These big and fluffy kitties are known for going limp, and this makes them one of the most perfect lap cats of all.  fluffiest cat breeds Despite all that fluff of theirs, these cats only require minimal grooming to keep their coat looking nice. I've had the pleasure of seeing them at cat shows before, and it's always a treat. They're beautiful, sweet, and extremely laid-back from my experiences. Oh, and don't forget, they're perfectly photogenic, too! Want to learn more about Ragdoll cats? Check out this article here dedicated to them. fluffiest cat breeds


Fun little fact for you about these Russian kitty cats. Did you know that despite all of their gorgeous fur, they're actually considered to be a hypoallergenic cat breed? This is because their bodies produce significantly less than average enzymes which trigger allergies in humans. A friend of mine has one whose husband is severely allergic to cats, and Jack and the family have no issues at all. So don't let that thick and fluffy fool you into thinking this cat would trigger allergies. fluffiest cat breeds Siberian cats are playful and energetic, and also love to cuddle and aren't known to be shy around strangers. For Siberians, they communicate loudly and often with their humans, as they are one of the most talkative cat breeds.

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