The Nine Most Talkative Cat Breeds

While each cat is an individual, there are some cat breeds that just really, really love to meow it up. If you have any of these talkative cat breeds listed below, then you certainly understand! For us humans, those meows drive us wild. It’s our cat’s way of speaking directly to us and not each other. But when those meows become demanding or can wake us up from a dead sleep, well, that might be another story.

Check out our list of the 9 most talkative cat breeds!

talkative cat breeds


Okay, these kitties right here might take the cake as the most talkative cat breeds of all time! Not only do these cats love to chat, but they demand to have your undivided attention when they do it. These color-pointed ballerinas of the cat word are as vocal as they are sensitive, and this is most certainly not the sort of feline that does well alone for extended periods of time. If you have a Siamese cat in your life, then surely you know that these are easily one of the most talkative cat breeds that there is. And there’s never a need to search for kitty, they’ll always alert you of their whereabouts.

talkative cat breeds

Oriental Shorthair

Can you hear me meow? These cats were bred from the Siamese, so it comes as no surprise that they retain the chatty nature of the Siamese cat breed. If you happen to own, or better yet, be owned, by an Oriental Shorthair cat, then surely this long and lovely cat has you wrapped right around their paw with every meow that leaves their precious lips.

talkative cat breeds


This exotic cat breed is known by many for its overly chatty nature. These cats are highly vocal, and they demand that their many meows be heard. Not only are they vocal, but they are loud when they express themselves. If you happen to have one of these cats in your home, you can agree to their chatty nature. These cats meow simply because they love it and communicating with their humans is one of their favorite things to do!

talkative cat breeds

Maine Coon

Although the Maine Coon is one of the most talkative cat breeds, their meows are typically soft and sweet despite their impressive size.  These large felines usually vocalize by way of trills, chirps, and soft-spoken meows, but despite their quieter sounds, they are most definitely still classified as being chatty cats. And you have to admit, those baby meows they express are just too darn cute!

talkative cat breeds

Japanese Bobtail

If you’ve never heard of a Japanese Bobtail, you’re in for a treat. These lovely Asian kitties are not only chatty cats, but they are also lovely to look at. The Japanese Bobtail is playful by nature, and the meows they emit are never yowlish. Fun little fact about these crop-tail kitties: In Japanese culture, they’ve been considered symbols of good luck for centuries!

talkative cat breeds


Interestingly described as “bricks wrapped in silk,” these thick-bodied cats with a silky coat are simply lovely to look at. And should you meet one or have one in your life, then you can attest to their naturally chatty nature. For the Burmese cat, they are as clingy as they are chatty.

talkative cat breeds
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A cross of the Siamese and the Burmese, this is a cat breed that loves to chat all the time! Their silky mink-like coat and piercing sky blue to violet to greenish-gold peepers make these kitties one who will captivate your attention with every single meow!

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Is this a big feline of Russian origin that simply loves to chat? Da! This national cat of Russia has a bushy, dense coat that is perfect for those harsh winters, and their voice is as big as their body. They do best when they are in the company of their humans or other pets, and those frequent meows will become louder should they feel lonely. Simply put, this is a cat who thrives off interaction with others. A Siberian is the sort of cat that wants to open a meow dialogue with you!

talkative cat breeds

Turkish Angora

These pretty plumed-tail kitties of Turkey have long, graceful physiques, wedge-shaped heads and a love for chatting. And not only do these cats love to chat, but they are also skilled climbers who have a natural fascination with water. There are many Turkish Angora cats that will even fancy a swim!

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Like we said at the top of the article, every kitty in this world is unique and there are some who defy stereotypes when it comes to being chatty. Fun little cat noise fact for you: Did you know that your cat can make over 100 sounds? So regardless of what cat you have in your home or how they came into your life, they are all excellent communicators. With just a little understanding behind the feline mind and some study of cat body language, we can learn to speak meow with them, too!


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