A Collection of Cats With Mustaches To Brighten Your Day

When it comes to cats, they often have some pretty cool markings. There are cats which look like wildcats, cats that can easily blend in like camouflage cats, and my personal favorite, cats with mustaches! Oftentimes, tuxedo cats will have the best cat mustaches of all, but that’s not to say that other cats can’t look totally dapper, too. Keep reading to see a collection of cats with mustaches to brighten your day!

A tortie kitty with a mustache just as cute as her!

Tortie Cat With Mustache | Cats, Mustache cat, Cute animals

This little flat-faced cutie has the purrfect white mustache…

cats with mustaches

Hamilton the Hipster Cat might be one of the most famous cats with mustaches of all…

This handsome tuxedo cat looks effortlessly charming with his purrfect little mustache…

This big orange boy with a mustache has something to say—which is probably that his tush is cold on that snow!

Large Orange & White Tabby Cat sitting in the snow | moustache :-) | Pretty cats, Cats, White tabby cat

Monsieur Nigel is another tuxedo cat with a mustache that looks oh-so-charming…

Monsieur Nigel

And one of my favorite kitties of all, Atchoum, has a wild and purrfectly adorable cat mustache that simply can’t be tamed!

This brown and white cutie pie has a cat mustache you can’t help but love!


This handsome tux has instant swagger thanks to his perfectly placed ‘stache!

And this calico cutie pie has a purrfectly adorable and ladylike mustache!

13 Cats Born With Perfect Mustaches - The Dodo

The wild whiskers matched with the mustache on this feline are just too cute for words!

13 Cats Born With Perfect Mustaches - The Dodo

While not as common as with black and white cats, I’m crazy for a tabby cat with a mustache!

I’m sure this little cutie will grow right into his mustache…

13 Cats Born With Perfect Mustaches - The Dodo

This big boy tabby cat looks totally boss thanks to his rad ‘stache!

67 Moustache Cats ideas | cats, mustache cat, animals

You know this unique kitty cat has definitely stolen her human’s heart!


I might be a little biased seeing as this is my Pepper, but his mustache and goatee combo might be one of my fav of all…

You know what’s just as cute as cats with mustaches?? Cats with heart markings! Check out a purrfectly adorable collection of them here on cattitudedaily.com.

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