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A Collection Of Cat Bellies To Make You Say “Aww!”

by Cattitude Daily

When it comes to our feline friends, those bellies are simply irresistible. The trouble is, our cats aren’t always crazy about letting us pet them on their tummies. Pepper has grown fond of allowing me to pet his belly, but we spent the first 18 months of his life with him trying to attack me if I ever thought to do it. That’s the thing with cats, we love them even when they keep us promptly in check! If you’re a sucker for cat bellies, then you’re in luck. Here’s a cute little collection of cat bellies that you’ll be sure to love. Enjoy. 🙂 

I feel as if this is not the most lady like pose…

And Chata, the cutie pie who prefers sleeping like a human, has one of the cutest cat bellies in all the land!

This cat is ready for his daily belly rub!

Whatever this cat is on, I’ll take two!

I feel like whoever snapped this photo just interrupted this cat from doing something of great importance…


Surprised cat belly!

My Pepper has only recently kept his murder mittens to himself when I’ve doted on him with belly rubs…

You know the only thing cuter than a shorthair tuxedo cat? A LONGHAIRED TUXEDO CAT!

I feel like this might be a trap…

cute cat belly

Just look at this little angel!

This is Rascal. And he is DEFINITELY here to trap you into giving him a belly rub. You’ve been warned!

This cool ginger is chillin’ like a villain!

Jaspurr is belly up and loving every minute of it in the comfort of his cat mom’s lap…

Lizzy looking oh-so-tempting with her floofy cat belly on full display…

Something tells me that this might be a belly trapper cat. Just look at that face!

Not a care in the world!

Do you have your own cute cat belly pics to share? Let’s see them in the comments section! And if you’ve ever wondered why it is that some cats don’t like it when you pet their belly, you can find out the answer here on cattitudedaily.com.

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