These Cute Cats Wear Their Hearts On Their Fur

One of the best things about cats is that they come in all different colors, and there are no limitations when it comes to coat pattern. There are cats with stripes, swirls, splotches, and even polka dots. Tabbies, calicos, tuxies, and so many other different kinds of cats have interesting coat patterns that really turn heads. You can find some crazy designs if you stare at a multicolored cat for long enough. Out of all the possible shapes you can find in a cat’s coat, we especially love it when our feline friends wear their hearts on their fur.  There’s just something about cats with heart markings that makes us go, “AWWWW!”

We’ve scoured the Internet looking for cats with the best heart markings in their fur. We hope you enjoy these beauties!

A ginger belly heart? Too adorable

This calico heart is too cute

Sweet baby!

This sweetie is showing off her little heart.

This black and white cat looks like he has a broken heart on his side. 

Bored Panda

This Scottish Fold cat has a big heart marking right on her back

Have you ever seen a more perfect kitten nose!? 

cat heart marking

We like heart-shaped butts and we cannot lie! 

cat heart marking

A belly cat heart!

This kitty’s name is Luna, and she definitely has her heart in the right place.


This cross-eyed cat sure is a cutie with that heart-shaped marking on his chest.


Ginger tabby heart marking, you don’t see those every day…

Zoe here is Instagram famous, and it’s easy to see why!


Don’t worry kitty, there’s a human out there to heal your broken heart!


This cat’s heart-shaped marking spreads love everywhere she looks.

cat heart marking

This cat named Ikura has the cutest heart-shaped marking on her back. And we especially love that all black tail!

Such a sweet little face
Curled up cat heart.

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