Why Are Siamese Cats So Chatty?

Many types of cat breeds exist in the world today. Some are relatively obscure while other breeds are more well known. Siamese cats are one breed with a bit more recognition in general. Siamese cats are more of a household name, if you will. Many of us might know the breed by name and, perhaps, by sight. (Those beautiful blue eyes!) But what else do we know about Siamese cats? One interesting question that often pops up among those living with Siamese has to do with vocals. Yes, those lovable Siamese cats seem to vocalize more than other breeds. So why are Siamese cats so chatty?

why are Siamese cats so vocal?

Sociable Feline Breed

If you’ve ever been owned by a Siamese kitty, you might already know interactive they are. For the rest of us, it’s important to understand that Siamese cats tend to be quite sociable. They like being around their humans–a lot. This tendency to love hanging out with humans often means Siamese cats are much more vocal. They like to tell us lots of stuff through their chatter.

Communication is Key

Siamese cats have a need to express themselves through meowing and chattering. If you happen to be a human who doesn’t mind that, then chatty Siamese cats are great for you. However, if you would prefer a quieter feline companion, you may want to adopt another type of cat. This frequent chatter is pretty much a given with most Siamese kitties. It’s best to know this if you’re considering which type of cat you should adopt.

why are Siamese cats so chatty?

Other Things to Know About Chatty Siamese

It’s easy to fall in love with the chatty Siamese breed. They’re adorable because they’re cats, yes. But they also possess a dash of regal style. Their gorgeous blue eyes just seem to draw you right in! Interestingly enough, Siamese were a bit of a favorite for the royals in ancient Thailand. (Perhaps that association with royalty just never left them!)

Chatty and Trainable

In addition to being rather sociable and vocal animals, Siamese are usually open to training. In fact, many Siamese cats can easily leave tricks and enjoy showing off for their humans. It turns out, Siamese cats really can learn complex tricks or behaviors like flushing the toilet. They may even chatter at you while doing so. But that’s all a part of their lovable personality.

Lifestyle Considerations with a Chatty Siamese

Now that you know chatty Siamese are sociable and smart, there are a few things to keep in mind. They love being around humans, so it’s important that you consider your lifestyle. If you should adopt a Siamese cat, know that you need to spend a fair amount of time at home with him or her. If you work 8 or more hours most days of the week, that could be a problem for a sociable Siamese. You may want to look into hiring a cat sitter in that case. But if you happen to spend long hours at home or work from home and would like some company, consider bringing a Siamese cat into your life!

Siamese cats also might be more sensitive than other breeds. All cats need some level of love and care. However, Siamese may need a bit more than your average feline. If you’ve got lots of love to share with a chatty Siamese, consider adopting one!

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