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Feline 411: All About The Snowshoe Cat Breed

by Victoria

The snowshoe cat breed has a unique look and history, making it one of the most fascinating cat breeds around. With their striking blue eyes and unique color points, snowshoe cats stand out with their dazzling looks.

So, how much do you know about the snowshoe cat breed? If you don’t know a ton, don’t you worry – we’re bringing you all the cool facts on this fascinating and rare breed of kitty!

snowshoe cat breed

Snowshoe Cats are related to the Siamese

The distinct markings on a snowshoe often have them mistaken with the Siamese. To set the record straight – these are two different kitties. But, the snowshoe cat breed is ‘part’ Siamese. In fact, there wouldn’t be a snowshoe cat without a Siamese cat.

How is that? The snowshoe cat breed itself resulted from breeding a Siamese and American shorthair cat together. This created a kitty with an athletic build, short coat, and very pretty color points, like its Siamese parents!

These cats happened by accident!

We now know that Snowshoes came from the Siamese and American shorthair cat. But, as far as we know, no one purposefully bred those two cats. Rather, snowshoe kittens were discovered in a Siamese mamma cat’s litter. The kittens stood out with their cute little white feet.

What is super interesting about Snowshoe cats is that their looks rely heavily on recessive genes. This makes breeding Snowshoe cats a little more difficult, as you have to do a little more work to ensure that the gene will be present in a litter. This is what makes Snowshoe cats pretty rare.

snowshoe cat breed

These cats are named for their unique look

The discovery of the Snowshoe cat breed all happened because these kitties stood out with their…feet! We can thank the breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty for giving these cats their unique name. In the 1960s, this breeder noticed the white feet on a few kittens in a Siamese litter. This unusual trait inclined her to name these kittens “Snowshoe.”

They actually love the water

Those who think all cats hate the water are wrong, and the Snowshoe cat breed proves it! One of the most surprising traits of the Snowshoe cat breed is their love of the water.

This makes Snowshoe cats one of the easiest to bathe. Chances are – your Snowshoe will already be in the bathtub before you even tell them it’s grooming time!

snowshoe cat breed

These cats wish they were humans

If loving the water didn’t convince you enough that Snowshoe cats want to be human, then wait until you discover their personality. Snowshoe cats are full of charm and super-expressive, similar to their Siamese parents. They’re also total lovers and truly adore their human companions. The only thing missing is that Snowshoes don’t speak human! The Snowshoe cat breed also has such a fondness for their humans that they actually prefer having their human companions around.

They are great with kids

A Snowshoe’s intelligence and love for humans also make them a great cat for families. Snowshoes are gentle cats that really care about humans. These cats are also very well-tempered around dogs, making Snowshoes adaptable and welcome in any household. Of course, like with all animals, it is always best to be safe and to instruct children how to interact with cats.

Snowshoes tend to pick a best friend…

The funniest part about a Snowshoe’s affection is that it more often than not goes towards one person. Yup – Snowshoe cats tend to choose one human BFF. Once these cats make their choice, that’s it for life. Many think this makes the snowshoe cat breed more like a dog than any other cat breed. But, who doesn’t want a feline best friend?

They can get lonely really easily

As we can see, snowshoe cats are a super social cat breed. But,  super social creatures do struggle to be alone. Snowshoes are notorious for getting lonely very quickly. Just like dogs, you can’t leave a Snowshoe alone for a long time. Some Snowshoe cat owners opt to get another cat or dog to distract their snowshoe while they’re gone.

Are you lucky enough to own a Snowshoe? Or someone you know? If so, that’s awesome – Snowshoes are a very special cat breed. Don’t hesitate to share all the details on the Snowshoe cat breed with anyone looking for a new kitty. You might just help them meet their new best friend!

snowshoe cat breed

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