Meet Izzy and Zoë: Two Tuxedo Cat Sisters That Will Make You Smile

I love all cats, but there is something truly special about tuxedo cats. And the best part about tuxedo cats is that they can come in a wide variety of cat breeds! For Izzy and Zoë—AKA the “Fluff”—they’re two mixed British Shorthair tuxedo cats that were born to be photographed.

Everyone, meet Izzy and the Fluff!

The two cat sisters from the same litter were born on July 12, 2015, and they were the only two from the litter with their lovely tuxedo markings. Together they live in the Netherlands, and they’ve been quite popular on Instagram for a few years time.

The cat sisters captivate attention from cat lovers with their expressive round pupils and adorable antics. And many cat lovers are crazy about Zoë’s heart marking she wears proudly on her chest. Their owner says the two are “totally inseparable” which is easy to see by looking at all their precious photos.

According to their website,, the two sisters have distinct personalities. Their owner writes that,

Izzy is fearless, adventurous, and extremely in-your-face cuddly. I often wake up with her sleeping on top of me. She loves to jump really high to catch things. Jumping at it is the most interesting part to her – when she has caught it, she lets go so she can jump again. Her favourite thing to steal is hairbands of any  kind. She loves playing in the yard and her favourite food is chicken.

And when it comes to Zoë, she is described as,

Zoë is cautious, yet way more curious and mischievous. She regularly has a case of what we call ‘the crazies’, which involves her doing random side-jumps against walls and furniture, jumping over Izzy and bitch-slapping unfortunate plants. She is obsessed with stealing anything plastic and is also very affectionate, but in a more subtle way than Izzy. She loves to chase things on the floor but can also jump really high. Catching the prize is her ultimate goal – once she has it she won’t let go. Zoë is picky when it comes to food and doesn’t like most fish except for tuna. Her favourite is chicken. She is allergic to anything containing dairy (even lactose-free).

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I’d like to give a special “thank you” to their human, Joanne, for allowing me to share these two cuties with all of the CattitudeDaily readers. If you know someone else who’d love to see this purrfect pair, don’t forget to share.

All Images Courtesy of Izzy and the Fluff on Instagram

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