The Seven Most Cat-Friendly Cities Around the World

Across the globe, there are cities with some serious feline appreciation. From the number of shelters to popular cat cafes, there are cities out there making sure cats can live their best lives. For cat owners worldwide, knowing the most cat-friendly cities around the world is useful. It can help you plan your next big trip or major move!

So, let’s discover the cities that put your cat first.

Here are the seven most cat-friendly cities around the world!

cat-friendly cities

Tokyo, Japan

If there’s one thing that’s for sure – Tokyo loves cats. I mean, there are even homes designed with a cat’s lifestyle in mind. Can a city get more cat-obsessed than that?

Tokyo is also the home of Hello Kitty, perhaps the most famous animated cat of them all. This adorable animated kitty is just a symbol of this city’s huge appreciation for felines. Tokyo is home to a wide variety of cat cafes. People come from all around the world to visit these awesome cafes. We can’t think of anything better than sipping a delicious latte and hanging with your new feline friends.

Birmingham, Alabama

Recently named the most cat-friendly city in America, Birmingham is one of the most cat accommodating cities. It is actually home to Alabama’s first cat cafe, Gatos and Beans, that even offers cat yoga.

Birmingham is an awesome city not only for just visiting with your feline but if you’re looking to move with your cat too. A vast majority of rental properties in this city are super cat-friendly. Plus, you don’t have to venture far to find a pet store – Birmingham has the third-largest concentration of pet stores of all U.S. cities. This makes it easy to scoop anything your cat needs.

cat-friendly cities

Key West, Florida

Looking for a tropical getaway with your feline friend? Key West is a fantastic option as it is famously cat-friendly! This island is home to Ernest Hemingway’s house. This writer was known for his love of cats. In fact, the house is still home to 60 six-toed cats!

Key West also offers great pet-friendly accommodations. There are plenty of hotels that are pet-friendly. And, many have gorgeous views of the beach!

Seattle, Washington

Known for its pet-friendly atmosphere, Seattle is a cat lovers’ paradise. Why? Well, the city boasts an impressive list of cat cafes. You can go and hang out with adorable kitties all over the city. Seattle ranks as the 8th most walkable city in the US, making it easy to roam around and bring your cat wherever you need to go. 

cat-friendly cities

Moscow, Russia

The capital of Russia is majorly fond of cats – it’s been that way for centuries! The Russian royals were proud owners of cat and pampered them extremely well. Some Russian cats even had their own servants! Russia is also home to the Russian Blue cat, a domestic breed that is said to originate in Russia itself. Today, Moscow is home to tons of proud cat owners. However, cat servants are no longer thing (or so we believe…)

Madison, Wisconsin

From various vet offices to cat rescue projects, Madison is a city that puts cat safety and well-being on the top of its list. This is particularly true for cat healthcare. In 2021, it was noted that Madison had the second most AAFP-certified vets per capita. That means you can easily facilitate check-ups and any other vet visits, no matter where you visit or live in the city.

cat-friendly cities

Denver, Colorado

This fast-growing city welcomes cats with open arms. Denver housing is super cat-friendly, making the city extra attractive to cat lovers all across America. This city is also home to Denver Cat Company, the city’s most kitty-friendly establishment. This women-owned business offers the perfect environment for visitors to meet new friends, whether human or feline.

There are some amazing cat-friendly destinations worldwide. If you are looking to bring your cat along on your next adventure (or move somewhere brand new!) any of these destinations will welcome your cat with open arms.

Are there any cat-friendly cities around the world we missed? Don’t hesitate to share your favorite feline-friendly destinations with us – we’d love to hear your stories.

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