Cat Meowing Like A Southern Belle Is Too Cute For Words

Seeing as I’m a Texas girl, I’ve got a natural love for all things Southern. Clearly we know that cats do not have accents, and those meows that we hear are simply meows and not Southern drawl meow or thick East Coast “Hey, I’m walking here” meow.

But what if it could be?!

Recently one cutie patootie ginger tabby started going viral for the cutest little meow this side of the Mississippi. Instagram budding cat star Gambino Bambino is making waves on the internet for his recent display of purrfect cuteness.

Check out the super cute clip below:


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It sounds like he is saying “Well Hi!!! “ in a thick southern accent!! ***Just to clarify, that is a @whistlelabs pet tracker on his collar. #catsofinstagram #cat #meowdy #gambino

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Little Gambino has earned himself 1.4 million likes and counting on TikTok and it’s easy to see why, he’s just so gosh darn cute!

Pretty convincing, huh? All he needs now is a glass of sweet iced tea and he’s totally nailed it! Share this silly and adorable clip with someone special in your life to make them smile today. <3 


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