The Four Most Purrfect Destinations For Cat Lovers

You love cats or you wouldn’t be here. This we know. And when it comes to traveling, one of the things that is hardest for us is missing out on our cat fix. I know when I’m away from my kitties, I miss them dearly. But did you know that there are several cat lover destinations in the US? So, whether you’re simply traveling and find yourself in one of these locations, or you are interested enough to seek them out and all their cat splendor, the feline friendly stops on this list are the cat’s meow!

And if you’ve had the purrfect opportunity to visit any of the destinations for cat lovers on this list, don’t forget to share them with us. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Let’s pounce into this list of the four most purrfect cat lover destinations in the US…

Image Courtesy of Cat House On The Kings Facebook Page

Cat House on the Kings – Just outside of Fresno, California

I’ve long since referred to myself as a crazy cat lady, but this incredible woman goes far above and beyond in the most incredible way. Lynea Lattanzio, founder of Cat House on the Kings, has a heart of gold. After a difficult divorce in 1981, she found herself wanting to relocate and find a greater sense of purpose for herself and her life. Shortly after, she settled on six acres of land in California’s Fresno County. Quickly she began giving her all to cats in need in the area and surrounding areas, and by today, she’s helped to care for, rehabilitate and rehome thousands of cats in need.

Today, more than 700 cats and kittens and several dogs enjoy life at The Cat House on the Kings, a no-cage, no-kill shelter, and tours are most certainly welcomed! Visit their website to learn more at and her amazing work for the feline kind.

Feline Historical Museum – Alliance, Ohio

Okay, so there aren’t always cats to pet here, but there is, however, pretty much anything you can think of honoring our feline friends! (We say not always because they do bring cats in on occasion for the public to pet and admire!) Not only is admission free to the public (just remember that donations are much appreciated!), but there are countless cat-related trinkets and memorabilia for cat lovers to admire on full display.

The museum is an affiliate of The Cat Fanciers’ Association Foundation, Inc. which was established in 1990. As it reads on their website: Today, the mission of the CFA Foundation is to acquire and conserve the history of cats and show the development of the cat fancy through the acquisition of fine art, artifacts, and literature. The collection began in 1990 with 100 books, stud books, copies of the CFA Yearbook and various magazines about cats.

Check their calendar for cool cat-centric exhibits and events here!

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Ernest Hemingway Home And Museum – Key West, Florida

Want to soak up some sun and some felines? We’ll they’ve got enough paws and extra thumbs to go around at the late famous author’s home in the Florida Keys. Polydactyl cats a plenty, roughly 40-50 six-toed cats to be more precise, call this lovely landmark home.

As many know, Ernest Hemingway was a great lover of all things cats, particularly those of the polydactyl kind. Snow White was a little white polydactyl kitten that Ernest received as a present from a ship captain, and from then the author’s fate as the most famous advocate of these extra-toed kitties was forever sealed. The home is a popular tourist attraction today, kept in pristine condition, and the cats not only roam freely, but they spend their days being admired by countless tour goers.

Are you crazy for Polydactyl kitty cats? Learn all about them here on

Image Courtesy of The American Museum of The House Cat on Facebook

The American Museum Of The House Cat – Sylva, North Carolina

Here’s another great cat lover destination that’s filled with loads and loads of perfect cat finds! This is a grand collection 30 years in the making that has something special for every cat lover who walks through their doors!

Check out this purrfect information from their Facebook page, The American Museum Of The House Cat, which tells more about who they are and what they do!

Our American Museum of the House Cat is a Mecca of antiquities and oddities that will fascinate, amuse, and even educate you about the House Cat. As you travel back through the centuries you will be introduced to cats from all over the word through an immense collection of fine art to folk art; carousel cats to comical cats and more. From tea pots to art glass, antique wind up cat toys to musical cats; and cat games to cats used in advertising our museum is full of stories just waiting to be told. Our Curator, known to the locals as Catman2, owns and operates WNC’s largest private feline only, cage free, no kill, Cat Shelter serving the residents of Jackson County. Proceeds from the Museum benefit the Catman2 Shelter and their services.Do you have any more cat lover destinations that you feel should be on our list? Share them with us in the comments section. And remember, if you’ve been to any of these, we’d love to hear about it!