A Collection Of Maine Coon Cats To Make You Swoon

There's just something so majestic about Maine Coon cats. They're large and in charge, but for anyone who has ever had the personal privilege to know one, they can tell you just what gentle giants these cats are. There's a lot to learn about Maine Coon cats, from their personality to their size, and also their history. Here we'll share with you a pretty collection of Maine Coon cats, and sprinkle in some fun facts about these cool cats that are adored by cat people across the globe. Enjoy! fluffiest cat breeds As you already know, Maine Coon cats are some of the largest cats there are. As a matter of fact, they're the largest domesticated cat breed of all. (The Siberian comes in at a close second if you're wondering!) As a matter of fact, a healthy male Maine Coon cat can tip the scales at twenty-five pounds and still be considered perfectly healthy. Maine Coon cat And in addition to their supersized cat frame, these cats have the longest tails of any domesticated cat and some of the fluffiest furs that there are. And Maine Coon cats come in a beautiful assortment of shades—over 70 to be exact! Although, brown is the most common shade associated with the Maine Coon cat. Most often they are tabby, tuxedo, or calico, but there are some solid-colored Maine Coon cats out there! Maine Coon kittens Maine Coon kittens sure are cute—and they stay kittens longer than any other domesticated cat breed. How's that so? Well, that's because a purebred Maine Coon cat won't reach maturity until three to five years of age. So, you'll get to enjoy those cute kitten phases even longer. how do cats sense human emotions The Maine Coon cat is a kitty that's literally built for harsh conditions—which is how they survived the frigid Maine winters in which they hail. From their thick double coat to their tuft pads which serve as feline snowshoes, these kitties are built to withstand the extreme winter elements. And despite the silly legends surrounding this cat breed, they do not share any DNA with raccoons. Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cats are often polydactyl, more so than any other breed of cat. Learn all about polydactyl cats here!

Maine Coon Polydactyl cat The Maine Coon kitty is soft-spoken when it comest to meows, but known for its many unique cat sounds—especially its chirp, trill, and entrancing chatter. Maine Coon cat facts Maine Coon cats hold a few Guinness Book of World Records…like the longest domesticated cat and longest domesticated cat tail. Maine Coon cats The Maine Coon cat is often confused with the Norwegian Forest cat breed, but the two are actually quite different—especially when it comes to the shape of their heads. As you can see below with the kitty on the left, the Maine Coon has a broader face with bigger cheeks, while the Norwegian Forest Cat has a classic triangular-shaped head. For more on the differences between Maine Coon cats and Norwegian Forest cats, check out this article here on CattitudeDaily.com. differences between maine coon cats and norwegian forest cats

The Maine Coon cat is regarded by many for its love of water, and super cool cats like Fisher the Maine Coon are proof of it!

Fisher the Maine Coon And when it comes to Maine Coon cats, many cat lovers can't get enough of the incredible shades and stripes and patches that these kitties come in—especially the eye-popping black smoke coat collor. Richie the Maine Coon has a super fabulous black smoke coat that I can't get enough of…and something tells me that you'll love it too! Maine Coon cats can also have some super human-like characteristics….right down to their face that many often say look almost too much like a human—specifically Ron Perlman. It should come as no surprise that the Maine Coon cat is a favorite cat among cat lovers across the globe. But what might surprise you to know is that they once almost went extinct in the 1950s. But thankfully for us cat lovers, they made a huge comeback in the United States in the mid-1908s. And, they've reigned supreme as a favorite cat breed among many ever since their comeback! Maine Coon kittens

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