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Meet Chata: An Adorable Kitten Who Prefers To Sleep Like A Human

by Cattitude Daily

All cats are cute, but kittens? They just take things to a whole new level of adorableness. For one kitten out of Japan named Chata, when he’s not busy being a playful and mischievous little fellow, he passes the time napping on his back as if he were a tiny furry human being. We know that cats are the connoisseurs of comfort, so it must be that this funny way of sleeping is just super comfortable to him! Either way, we simply love the images and felt absolutely compelled to share them with our lovely audience. Enjoy, and share this post with anyone if you think it could bring a smile to their face!

Chata as a wee kitten, shortly after his human first brought him home…

And shortly thereafter, he quickly started quit a stir with cat lovers online for his overall adorableness and “oh my goodness just look at that!” sleeping style…

As you can see, little Chata simply loves having his photo taken!

Such a handsome little man you are, Chata!

Hanging out with his big sister in the house, Chava…

When he’s not busy cat napping, of course!

It seems that Chava and Chata were destined to be furever friends, so cute!

And the cutesy little kitten sleeping images that shot little Chata straight to cat superstardom…

Want to keep up with all the cuteness that Chata and his sister Chava have to offer? Follow them on Instagram @chavata2023 to fill your feed with cute cat perfection.

All Images Courtesy of chavata2023 on Instagram

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