Why is My Cat So Emotional?

Cats may be sassy and crazy independent. But, you may be wondering why is my cat so emotional then? Cats are actually highly emotionally intelligent beings who experience a whole range of emotions. They can be angry, sad, or head over heels in love, just like humans. In fact, many of the emotions cats exhibit are strangely similar to humans…

Of course, our kitties can’t necessarily tell us the emotions they’re feeling. But, they surely can show us. There are a few specific ways that cats express their emotions. Let’s explore them all!

Feeling Sad isn’t Foreign to Felines

Cats do experience sadness and depression. Just like for humans, sadness takes over the life of a cat. It can change their emotions dramatically, leading to your feline becoming exceptionally emotional.

So, what causes sadness or even depression in cats? It can be caused by something as simple as not being able to go outside. Movement and the outdoors are essential to many cats. Not having that access can 100 percent affect a cat’s emotional well-being. Cats can also become depressed due to pain or illness. This includes emotional pain, like losing someone a cat truly loves. So, treat your indoor kitty to a catio, walks on a leash, or lots of extra enrichment to keep them happy!

A cat’s response to overwhelming sadness varies per cat. Some kitties become extra clingy or way more vocal with their purrs. Others, may hide away and seem disinterested in the things that once made them excited. If you notice any of these emotional cues,  this could mean your cat is dealing with something deeply upsetting.

Cats Get Attached to their Humans

Cats may be all about their independence, but there’s no denying that they adore their human companions. It may not be obvious all the time, but cats do care!

A cat behaving emotionally could be a response to just how much this kitty is attached to its owner. Many think that cats are too independent to become so loyal and obsessed with their humans like dogs. That isn’t true! Cats can form. super strong bonds with their humans.

Certain breeds actually are known to choose one special human in their life. From then on out, they are highly loyal to that person. As one could imagine, loyalty can definitely lead to some emotional behavior…

There have actually been studies on the healthy relationship attachments cats have to their owners. Many cats have secure attachments, meaning they feel comfortable and safe with their owners. They’ll look for them when they’re gone and greet them lovingly when their owners return.

On the other hand, cats can have insecure attachments to their human companions. Cats can feel anxious around their owners, exhibiting some very emotional symptoms. A cat can be super vocal, twitchy, or just M.I.A. It all depends on the cat.

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Kitties Feel Anxious Too!

As mentioned briefly before, cats can in fact feel anxious. This is because cats, as we know, are survivors. They have excellent fear instincts and are always on the lookout for possible danger.

One of the results of domestication is that cats have developed their own anxieties from their surroundings. Surprisingly enough, one of the biggest drivers of kitty anxiety is separation. Our fiercely independent felines definitely get upset when we aren’t around as much. Some may think it’s just because we aren’t there with food and scratches. But, in reality, our cats actually do miss us.

Cat anxiety can also be caused by pain, serious trauma, or by other animals or humans around them. No matter the cause, the result is one emotional kitty.

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How to Be More Emotionally in Touch with your Cat

We aren’t felines, no matter how close we are with our cats. The best way to console an emotional cat is to try to understand how they feel. Observe their behaviors and responses. What is making your cat feel so emotional?

Your cat may need extra attention and love. Or, it might want the exact opposite. No matter what you chose, the best thing to do is to make your cat feel comfortable. Don’t keep them inside in order to control them or figure out the problem – allow them to roam! Cats like their space. If they need a belly rub, then give them one. Cats are similar to us. When they’re feeling highly emotional, they simply need support!

Understanding why your cat is so emotional isn’t always an easy thing to do. It’s always best to be there for your cat so that they feel comfortable enough to find themselves again. We’d love to hear about your experience with your emotional kitty in the comments below!

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