The Healing Power Of A Cat’s Purr

Whether we’re cuddling or playing with our cats, we can’t help but notice their unique purr. This gentle rumble is hard to ignore – you oftentimes feel it more than you hear it! But, are you aware of the healing power in a cat’s purr?

So, why do cats purr?

Many of us assume our cats purr just when they’re satisfied. That isn’t necessarily true! Cats purr for several reasons. All of them reflect just how purring is in fact a healing power of our feline friends.

To express happiness

If you’re a cat owner, you definitely know how to spot a cat’s happy purrs. Cats can be stretched out on the couch or receiving a nice head scratch, and they will be purring away. These purrs are positive and a cats way of expressing true satisfaction.

To get our attention

From birth, purring is a form of communication for cats. In order to interact with their moms, kittens purr to let her know that they’re there.

This doesn’t change as cats get older. Cats us purring just the same with their ‘human’ moms. When cats are in need of something particular, they will often purr loudly instead of meowing. This is especially true when a kitty is hungry!

Yup – when cats are hungry, they purr too. You may have noticed your cat purring by their bowl. It’s a cat’s witty way of getting your attention, as the frequency of purring is a much more effective way to alert us humans. That’s because we can also feel the vibrations of the purr. Sometimes, cats will alter the frequency of their purr to make a more persistent sound.  Cats are always thinking outside of the box to get what they want!

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When they’re stressed or scared

Purring is not always a positive thing.  Cats utilize purring to communicate feelings of distress. This can arise from physical or emotional experiences.

Has your cat ever purred intensely during a visit to the vet or while around another cat? This purring is most likely a signal that your cat isn’t having the best time and is pretty stressed about it. But, don’t see the purring as the painful or uncomfortable part. Your cat’s purr is simply a way for your cat to ease its breathing and release stress during a difficult period. This is one of the reasons why purring is considered a healing power for cats.

To heal their bodies

Purring is not only a way for cats to relax, but also to heal themselves! There have been plenty of studies done on how purring is a tool for cats to strengthen their health. The vibrations of purrs have been linked to improvements in short and long-term health in cats.

This all has to do with the incredible frequency of purrs. This frequency is healing power for a cat’s body while it rests.  The frequency of purring is powerful enough to boost a cat’s bone and tissue health. It can also decrease inflammation and swelling in cats, helping them heal wounds faster. This shows how purring is essential for our adventurous kitties to thrive (especially the ones who love to jump on our cabinets or spend hours outdoors!)

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The Healing Power of a Cat’s Purr for Humans

What is even more fascinating about a cat’s purr is powerful enough to heal humans. While research on this topic is still underway, there have been various discoveries on how the healing power of a cat’s purr affects humans too.

Purring calms us

No one can deny how soothing it is to hear and feel your cat’s purr. There’s nothing like cuddling up with your kitty at the end of the day, stroking its fur, and hearing them purr in response. The whole experience is super therapeutic and helps us feel connected with our cats.

The long term benefits of a cat’s purr for humans

More relaxation means less stress. The less stress we have, the healthier we are! This is exactly how a cat’s purr is beneficial for the health of humans. It brings our stress levels, heart rate, and anxiety down. This allows our bodies to rest and heal. It’s no wonder that cat owners have a reduced risk of stroke and heart disease.

The healing power of a cat’s purr is pretty remarkable. There are still many studies in progress on the reasons and influences of a cat’s purr. But, there’s one thing that’s for sure: purring is powerful. It helps cats (and their owners) stay happy, calm, and alive!

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