Why Does My Cat Wait For Me To Go To Bed?

Our cats often do double duty as our purrfect companions and best friends. We love it whenever they are near, and this is especially true when we are hanging out watching television on the sofa—and even more so when it’s time to go to sleep. If your cat rules the roost in your home, you may have noticed that your cat will signal to you when it’s time to go to bed. There might even be times when your cat basically tells you when it’s time to hit the sack. Does your kitty wait for you to go to bed at night? Find out the reason for this interesting and thoughtful common cat behavior here.

First off, sharing your bed with kitty has lots of positive benefits for you both!

For cat owners, sharing your bed with your kitty cat often comes with the territory. That is, for those kitties that don’t try to keep us up at all hours of the night with the zoomies. But for those well-behaved sleepers, there are many benefits to sharing your bed with your cat.

For starters, sharing your bed with your cat is a great way to strengthen your bond, allow each other to feel safe, and also to comfort one another. (Just keep in mind, if your cat chooses not to share the bed with you at night, do your best to not take it personally.)

If your kitty waits for you to go to bed, they are showing you that they value your presence

Just like some little kids like to be tucked in at night, your feline friend might find comfort in knowing you’re by their side when it’s time for them to go to bed at night. Your cat might not feel the need to be by your side when they’re catching a quick afternoon cat nap, but when it comes to the big sleep when the sun’s down, this can be a whole other story. Cats who are closely bonded with their owners will often wait for them to go to bed because they feel like that’s their duty to stay by their side until it’s time to hit the hay. Now, who says cats aren’t loyal?!

You make your cat feel safe

Although your cat is courageous and could survive without you if they absolutely had to, the truth is, your cat needs you. And not only this, but you make your cat feel safe if the two of you have developed a strong bond. Your cat is wild at heart, and they know all too well that they are most vulnerable in two positions, A: on their backs, and B: when they are asleep. Your cat choosing to sleep with you at night should clearly indicate to you that you offer them a sense of security, and because of it, they may not feel as comfortable taking themselves to bed without their cat mom or dad nearby. So, if kitty is waiting for you with loving eyes staring in your direction, know they’re doing so because they crave your company at bedtime. Some cats will even go as far as to wait for you in the restroom while you brush your teeth before bed, never considering climbing into bed until you’re there!

Your cat likes routine

Just like most cats know what time they eat each day, their internal clocks can also help them to know when it’s bedtime. And, because of this super sharp sense of time they have, they might be quick to remind you when it’s bedtime so you don’t throw a wrench in their routine. After all, we know that cats are not fans of change—especially if that change has to do with their breakfast running late. But, as any cat owner knows, sleeping in with cats typically isn’t part of the territory! Your cat has you on a tight schedule, human, so when they indicate it's time for bed, abide my their wishes and comply, humble servant!

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