Does Your Cat Sleep With You At Night? Here’s Why They Should

Our cats will do what they want, so not all cats are going to be quick to cuddle up with you when you hit the sack at night. But don’t take this personal, cat lovers. This might only be simply because your cat doesn’t like to get bothered whenever they’re sleeping. And another reason is that your cat might not want to get too hot should they have a thick coat, like a British Shorthair, for example. But, for those of us who sleep with cats, there are actually a handful of reasons why this can benefit our well-being, as well as theirs! Keep reading to find out why you should let your cat sleep in bed with you at night.

why you should let your cat sleep with you at night

Here’s my list of reasons why you should let your cat sleep with you at night…

First, just keep this in mind…

If your cat chooses not to sleep with you at night, please do not take it personally. This does not mean that your cat is sitting by the window each night counting down their days in captivity and plotting their escape. While cats are crepuscular beings (meaning they’re most active at dawn and dusk), some cats enjoy the nightlife and want to play when the sun’s down while you are fast asleep. If your cat doesn’t sleep with you at night, what is their activity level like during the daytime hours? If they’re flexing hard on those cat naps when the sun is up, this might explain something. Have a little fun and set up a recording device to watch and see what it is that they do all night long. You might just be surprised at what you see!

Your cat sleeping with you at night can bring you joy and vice versa

I don’t know a single cat owner that doesn’t like their cat sleeping with them at night. When my cat sleeps with me, it makes me feel at peace. I love to watch their slow breathing and it makes me feel good knowing how relaxed and happy they are curled up with me. (One study found that 70% of house cats are allowed to nap on furniture.)

When your cat sleeps with you, are they particular about their sleeping position? My Maine Coon cat is a fan of sleeping on my head. Which, with all that hair, can get a bit toasty. Cats are the connoisseurs of comfort, and this is especially true when they are sleeping. Your cat might choose to sleep on your head because it’s less likely to toss and turn the way your legs or arms will. Like always, everything is on your cat’s terms. And, as devoted cat owners, we let them sleep with us because it brings us joy making them happy.

Having your cat sleep with you at night can help you to get a better night’s sleep suggests that 62 percent of cats sleep with their adult owners while another 13 percent sleep with children in the household. When our cats desire to be near us, it’s comforting to our psyche. And, as we know, many people are more attached to their cats than they are actual humans. And, if you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with that! Our cats are excellent at providing us with emotional support and can help to lower your blood pressure, keep your heartbeat steady, and benefit your mental health in a number of ways.

study by Washington State University found that sitting down to cuddle a cat for just a few minutes can significantly reduce stress. It lowers the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) that the body produces, and it can have instant effects. It’s impossible to feel stressed when you have a cat resting on you. Now imagine that all night long!

Sleep is vital to our general well-being, and the better quality rest we get directly benefits our overall health. Our feline friends are like little companions, therapists, and nurses rolled into one. And, of course, comic relief with their crazy cat antics.

Strengthen your bond even more

Our cats can’t write us love letters or text us or profess their love for us in the English language. We must watch closely for hints and clues as to what is going on in that feline mind of theirs. When our cats choose to sleep with us, this is their way of choosing to bond closely with you. They’ve likely chosen you as their favorite person, and they want to grow this bond with you by sleeping with you at night in your bed.

A cat can alert you of danger

Cat’s are incredible creatures. And their intuition and senses are quite advanced. I’ve read many stories of cats protecting their owners and alerting them of danger inside their home. Cats are far more loyal than most people realize. And you are the master of the food bag who is at their beck and call. Don’t think they won’t alert you should something be amiss in your home while you are fast asleep. Cats are smart, and never forget that!

Do you happen to have a cat that’s not allowing you to get any sleep at night? Cats are notorious night owls, and if they’re not letting you get your proper rest at night there might be a few reasons for it. Check out what they could be here.

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