This Bed Frame Is Perfect For People With Cats

My cat, Taco, is obsessed with playing under our bed. He goes under there to hide from the dog and take the occasional nap, but he also loves squirming around in his own personal hideout and waiting until someone walks by so he can stage a sneak attack. It’s easily his favorite place in the house. And because he loves it so much, I completely understand why the new Gatrimonial bed frame from a company called CatLife is getting so much attention. This cat-friendly bed frame is designed to be a cat’s ideal hangout, and it’s great for humans, too!

CatLife website.

The Colombian brand called CatLife posted about their new bed design to Instagram, and, of course, cat lovers freaked out in the best possible way. From the outside, the bed frame looks pretty ordinary. It’s made from wood and has a few decorative holes cut into the side. When you lift the mattress, however, you see exactly why cat people are in love with the design.

Instead of the normal empty space, CatLife designers created a hidden labyrinth perfect for cats. While humans can snooze on the top, cats can explore, play, and relax in their personal area. So much more interesting than your typical empty space, the simple maze with cat-sized holes keeps cats entertained and secure. 

CatLife told Cattitude Daily,

“Based on our knowledge of feline behavior and our experience as cat owners, we saw the need to create a safe place for them, where they could go when someone invaded their territory, when they were very scared or when they wanted to rest quietly.”

CatLife website.

Cats can enter their hideout from one of the exterior holes and then navigate their way to an ideal spot. The interior holes and maze-like design keeps things interesting for cats, and it also allows them to find a small space where they can feel especially safe. 

CatLife said,

“The bed is ideal for shy, skittish and nervous cats looking for a safe place to go when they feel vulnerable, or want to rest quietly. The security, comfort and peace that the bed gives them is unique, it is that place that every cat would like to have at home.

This bed frame is perfect for people who want to spoil their cats without sacrificing interior design or comfort. The only drawback to this design is that it’s not exactly easy to clean. You’ll have to remove the mattress to sweep up the cat hair and any other surprises your cat decides to leave behind. Bored Panda reports, however, that CatLife is already working on solving that problem. They’re coming up with a new design that includes a hydraulic mattress lift to make cleaning a lot easier.

If you’re in the market for a new bed frame that your cat will probably love even more than you, check out the CatLife website. 

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