How To Apologize To Your Cat In A Way They’ll Understand

how to apologize to your cat

In all friendships, there are times when we might find ourselves apologizing for our behavior. And the same can be said when it comes to our friendships with our cats. When we want to tell our cat that we are sorry for our actions, we may not know the best way to do it in a language they’ll understand. But there are ways to apologize to your cat so that they’ll know you truly mean it. Here’s how.

how to apologize to your cat

Spend time with them to show them that you’re truly sorry

Spending quality time with your cat is a great way to show them that you care. Despite your cat’s love for knocking things off the counter, they are not spitful beings by nature. That said, if you want to apologize to your cat for a minor infraction, they will likely move on fast and be quick to forgive you. Additionally, if your cat is upset be patient with them. They may need a few minutes to calm down and feel comfortable again, and you can be right there ready and waiting to spend time with them once they’re ready to do so.

Talk to them in a very soft voice

Sometimes our cats are quick to get underfoot and we might accidentally step on them–or their fluffy little tail. When things like this happen, we immediately feel terrible and hope that our cat is okay. When situations like this occur, take the opportunity to talk softly to your cat to show them that you are truly sorry for what you’ve done and that you didn’t mean it. Cats love treats and offering them some of their favorite treats while talking to them in a very soft voice is a great way to show them that you’re truly sorry for what has just happened. Do not force affection on them and allow them to come to you. Perhaps lay on the floor near where they are and allow them to come to you on their terms.

how to apologize to your cat

If you want to apologize to your cat, offer them praise

If you’re wondering if cats like praise, it’s been proven that they do. And, best of all, they will often respond positively to it Now, they’re not like a dog eager to jump on your every word, but cats still like being paid attention to and being told that they are special. They can recognize the specific tone in your voice when you praise them and their little mind signifies this positive association. If you want to apologize to your cat, you can definitely offer them praise to build their confidence back up. Once you see them start to perk up at the sounds of your praises, offer them a kitty kiss in the form of a slow blink to let them know you care.

You should never punish your cat by force because they won’t understand that apology

Striking a cat is animal abuse and never okay; cats are quick to remember traumatic situations like this. Science tells us that a cat’s long-term memory is sharp. And a cat that has been abused can quickly become fearful of human touch. Cats learn from redirection, so if you don’t want them to do something, say jump on your counter, you can put aluminum foil on there or squirt them with a water bottle when you catch them on the counter. There’s no reason to shout/scream or strike them because they won’t realize why you’re doing that. All they will know is that you’re scaring them and this can shape their personality negatively. Be considerate of their feelings and try your best never to frighten them this way.

There are ways in which we might be offending our cats, some of which you may not have considered or even known. Read all about that here in this next article on

how to apologize to your cat
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