Spoil Your Kitty By Crafting This DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

DIY Cactus Scratcher

We all want our pets to feel unique and special – this is why we try to spoil them with the coolest-looking toys and accessories. However, purchasing extravagant pet accessories can be quite the splurge – no wonder why most pet owners stick to the simpler models. Cat scratching posts are especially popular among feline owners, as they are healthy for your cats’ claws and can also help protect your precious furniture from falling prey to their attack.

However, cat scratchers are one of the easiest things to make at home! Creating your own DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher with the help of sisal rope is fairly easy and extremely cost-effective. So why spend your hard-earned money at the pet accessories section, when you can save it and buy some delicious treats for your four-legged friends instead?

DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

What makes this project special is its unique shape, which can brighten up even the most boring room. This vibrant cactus shape will surely draw attention to your scratcher, so your cat can feel truly special climbing it.

What you’ll need for this DIY cactus cat scratcher…

  • 6mm natural sisal rope
  • Green dye
  • Round plywood
  • Glue sticks
  • Green spray paint
  • Wood screws
  • Stones or concrete
  • Fake flowers
  • Plumbing pipe
  • Pipe lid
  • Single tees
  • Elbow pipes
  • Polystyrene baubles
  • Electric Drill
  • Glue Gun


DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

Step 1. Prepare your supplies: get your drill ready and take a round wood board (as thick as possible), the lid of the plumbing pipe and 4 wood screws.

Step 2. Take the lid and pre-drill it, centering it on your board. Mark the place of the screws with a pencil and secure the lid with the wood screws.

Step 3. Take an approx. 3 feet long plumbing pipe and place it on the lid, securing it with hot glue.
DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

Step 4. Fill ⅓ of the pipe with stones, concrete, or other heavy materials in order to keep it stable.

Step 5. Take one of the pipe connectors and connect it with one of the 90° elbow pipes.

DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

Step 6. Connect the structure with the rest of the pipe. Repeat the previous step in order to achieve the cactus shape.

Step 7. Take two polystyrene baubles and cut them in half, gluing the halves to the uncovered ends.

Step 8. Paint the cactus green using spray paint, so the grey color of the pipes is completely covered.

DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

Step 9. Dye the majority of the sisal rope green – make sure to use pet-safe textile dye. Leave some rope unpainted, which will cover the board.

Step 10. Start attaching the rope to the pipe using a glue gun, moving from the base upwards to the first junction.

Step 11. When you reach the junctions, glue on smaller pieces of rope. Make them a little bit longer, so you can cover the ends with glue later.

DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

Step 12. Keep wrapping the rope, going around the elbow, but make sure that you cover the ends left out during the previous step. Do the same for the next junction.

Step 13. Glue the natural sisal rope to the wood board, covering it fully.

DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

Step 14. You can decorate your cactus scratcher with fake flowers to make it more attractive.

Step 15. Now take a look back and admire the finished cactus scratcher – your cat will surely be excited to try it!

DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

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Dora is a DIY enthusiast and she loves all things related to cats. She is a blogger and content creator for Buy Rope and she created this project in hopes of reaching other creative feline owners looking for their next challenge.


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