Why Does My Cat Suddenly Attack Me?

why does my cat attack me?

We love our cats, even when they don’t always treat us nicely. One of their many charms is their ability to make us crave their love and affection at all times, only to dole it out on their terms. But that’s just how cats are, and we respect them and admire them for always being their most authentic selves. But what about when it comes to our cats suddenly attacking us? Well, that might become a cause of concern…especially if it becomes a naughty habit that leaves you with identifying marks.

why does my cat suddenly attack me?

You know how it goes. You’re sitting there, minding your own business, when all of a sudden your cat sinks their teeth or claws (or both!) right into you. OUCH! If you’ve ever wondered why the heck your cat does this, remember, although your cat knows exactly where their next meal is coming from, they are still wild at heart.

Your cat is driven by their desire to hunt and explore things that trigger their curiosity.

And if it just so happens to be your feet nice and cozy under the covers, well, you better hope those blankets are thick my friend. And if you entice your cat to attack you, well, you just might be asking for it. Cats are going to avoid conflict whenever they can because it’s not in their nature to be that way. But if you think provoking your cat is a good idea, you won’t after those angry cats have left their marks on you.

Whatever you do should your cat attack you, try not to take it personally.

Sometimes your cat is simply playing with you and has chosen you as their prey—like those cute times when they jump out and latch onto your leg as you come around the corner. Your cat’s mind is intended to stay in attack mode, and they’re constantly in search of ways to satisfy their hardwired prey drive and natural instincts. Watch your cat’s ear and tail language during this time, and if they do not appear to be threatened, these are simply “love bites” your cat is bestowing upon you. When a cat feels threatened, their ears are often flattened and back and their tail is low. You will often hear them making a grumbling sound, too, which will serve as your first and last warning. Your cat is not going to hide how they feel when they are upset. Just look at their body language and this will be able to tell you how they are feeling.

If you feel as if these attacks are simply unprovoked and are becoming an issue, closely examine your cat’s living situation and look for any red flags which may be causing them to feel on edge.

Remember, your cat is not a spiteful or vengeful being. They are highly sensitive mammals that will react when they feel even the slightest bit threatened, so please, whatever you do, don’t take it personally. Respect them and give them space, and no matter what, do not punish them. According to advice on thepets.net: “Because of the punishments, the pet will become fearful and hostile towards you. Some cats even see discipline as a challenge rather than a deterrent.”

Think of your cat, is this playing or a sign of something more?

If your feline friend is suddenly attacking you, this could be a clear indication that something is amiss. If you have a cat who is normally laid-back and sweet, then those cat attacks might be a sign that they are in pain. Jealousy is also a very real issue that many cats deal with. And when they are jealous or their feelings are hurt, they can certainly lash out because of it. Remember, cats are not fans of change. Should they incur it, they prefer things that are on their terms. Help to make your kitty feel special and appreciated. Offer your troubled kitty a space that is their own, and make this a haven of happiness for them.

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