Why Are Cats So Curious?

Cats are as curious as can be. And this is one of the traits that we most love about them. While it’s true that some cats are naturally more curious than others, all cats have an instinctual level of curiosity hardwired into them. To your kitty, the world is full of wonder. And if something or someone catches their interest, then they must take it upon themselves to explore it so that they can satisfy their instinctual urges. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself why cats are so curious, well, you’re certainly not alone.

So, why are cats so curious? Keep reading to find out…

why cats are so curious

Survival mode

Some might say that cats are simply aloof little beings. But that’s not actually true. Cats can be standoffish, that is, till something catches his interest. For your cat’s ancestors, their curiosity stemmed from their mode of survival. Cats are naturally reserved by nature. And they’re a non-confrontational species as a whole. Their curiosity is what keeps them safe in the wild from the world around them. Curiosity is what helps them to interpret danger and helps them to hunt for food. Your feline friend might not be wild—but they are at heart. That’s why they’re so curious although they know exactly when and where their next meal is coming from. Your cat’s desire to hunt is hardwired into their DNA and simply a part of who they are. Help them to satisfy their urges to hunt by offering them mental enrichment inside your home.

why are cats so curious?

Cats are so curious because they’re super smart—and opportunistic by nature

You may not have known this, but the cat brain and the human brain are eerily similar. For your cat, when something strikes their fancy, they typically come running. Like when you’re on the couch trying to eat a snack, or in the kitchen trying to cook. And this is especially true when you attempt to use the restroom alone. When opportunity strikes, your cat will be ready. Whether that’s a drop of food that falls onto the floor or that fresh running water that many cats crave. Your cat is smart. And much of their curiosity stems from their desire to get what they want when they want it.

Think about how your cat hunts. This could even be a plastic bag that’s made its way into your home after a trip to the grocery store. Within a split second, that crinkly bag becomes fascinating and they must toy with it or chase it—or even lick it. Your cat’s heightened sense of curiosity makes them a total nosy Nancy. 

Their hearing is roughly 5x what yours is

Cats really can react to the slightest sound—and that’s because to them, it’s magnified intensely. That little creak you may have thought you heard doesn’t cause you to go investigate, but remember, you are not your super sonic hearing cat. The slightest sounds in or around your home are worthy of investigation in the mind and imagination of your feline friend. Cats might not nap roughly 14 hours per day, but I can assure you that they aren’t actually lazy.

cats and curiosity

Your cat is your personal micromanager

When you open your heart and home to a cat, you’ll truly never be alone again. Your cat is going to want to know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it. And the major fear of missing out is something that often triggers their curiosity. Cats serve as our personal micromanagers at all times. Cats love to linger, and they’ll be quick to tell you if you’re doing something in which they disapprove of. Your cat chooses to micromanage you because they find you interesting—and also because food is often on their brain and you are the hand that scoops the cat kibble into your food bowl. So, if your cat becomes curious over you often, it’s likely because they want to be sure that everything is going according to plan and that they are going to get what they want whenever they want it—which is food, affection, or someone to entertain them.

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