Why Is My Cat Jealous Of My Other Cat?

why is my cat jealous of my other cat

If you’ve ever owned more than one cat at a time, then you are probably well aware of cat jealousy. Cats can become jealous for a number of reasons. But I’d have to say in my experience, cats becoming jealous of other cats might top the list. As cat owners, seeing our cats get along with one another is high on our list of priorities. And it can be deeply upsetting to us if our cats can’t seem to make things work. Is your cat the jealous type? Find out what causes this cat behavior and follow my suggestions to build a long-lasting friendship between your two cats.

First off, why do cats become jealous?

Similar to us, cats can quickly show their jealousy should they feel as if they are being shunned from a situation or an environment. For example, think about when you close the door on your feline friend. She might quickly grow insane with jealousy and yowl, paw under the door, etc.

By nature, your cat is a micromanager. It’s in their DNA to want to know what is going on and when it’s going on—at all times. If they feel shut out, they might be quick to express themselves by way of aggression or fear. And just think of how jealous people act out of fear. They react to cope with what’s troubling them. Cats are the same in this way.

Additionally, cats can quickly show jealousy should you start paying attention to something or someone else more than them. People often wonder: why does my cat sit on my computer keyboard? Well, the answer to that is simple! They’re jealous! This desperate “pay attention to me!” cry for help should be a clear indication to you as their owner that they want your attention, and they want it right meow.

And when it comes to you paying attention to another cat over them, this can quickly plant a seed of jealousy that can grow roots quickly should you not be proactive about it. Your cat might even show their jealousy of this other cat by lashing out at them—or even you.

Interesting fact on cat jealousy: If your cat was poorly socialized as a kitten, this could lead to a cat that easily becomes codependent on you and displays signs of jealousy often.

How do cats show jealousy?

There are several signs of jealousy in cats. Some of the most common signs of feline jealousy include:

  • Swatting
  • Hissing
  • Growling
  • Biting
  • Unprovoked attacks, particularly to the person or thing that triggers their newfound jealousy
  • Hiding
  • Going outside of the litter box
  • New destructive behavior, such as shredding curtains, ripping furniture, etc.

If you’ve brought a new member into your home, do your part to reassure your existing cat that has grown jealous that you still value them and love them dearly. Your cat needs reassurance, despite the fact that they might give you the cold shoulder from time to time. Deep down, we all need love. And that includes your cat, too! Don’t let that tough exterior fool you, and find ways to remind them just how special they are to you to keep their growing jealousy at bay.

How to help your cat with their jealousy…

If you’ve defined your cat’s jealousy, the best thing you can do as their owner is to alleviate it. Your cat doesn’t become jealous for no reason, so do your best to pinpoint the issue so that you can have your happy cat back once again. And if you know it is your other cat that’s causing them to be jealous, then that’s the first step to resolving the issue.

Offer your troubled kitty a space that is their own, and make this a haven of happiness for them. Cats are not fans of change and should they incur it, they prefer things that are on their terms. So, if this is a new cat that’s causing them to become jealous, remember that time is always the best medicine. Do not press the situation as this will only prove to make things worse. Instead, make the environment in which your cat is living a positive environment that they will enjoy—especially the area of your home which is “theirs” in their mind.

cat jealousy

Offer them mental stimulation, enrichment toys, play, and lots of love to your confused kitty. Your cat is simply insecure and they need you to bring them back to the center and remind them that they are wanted, loved, and appreciated. Be sure that they have a space that is theirs and theirs alone where they can decompress and feel at ease. And remember, above all, patience is key.

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