Why Does My Cat Sleep Under The Covers?

Cats will be cats—but sometimes they will do things that really make our minds curious about their actions. This is especially true when they exhibit behaviors that are out of the norm. Cats have their quirks, and that’s just one of the reasons why we can’t get enough of them. Because, as any cat owner knows all too well, cats are always quick to keep us on our toes. If you are one who your cat permits you to share the bed with, then you might have wondered about the position your cat chooses to lay in when cosleeping with you. Cats don’t typically sleep under the covers, so it begs the question, “why does my cat sleep under the covers?” when they do this. The answer is actually pretty cute, and it just might make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

why does my cat sleep under the covers?

First off, sharing your bed with your kitty has many benefits for both you and your cat

Now, if your kitty is one to act ruckus in the night, then cosleeping might not be the ideal situation for you if you’re concerned about losing sleep. But, most mature cats and older kittens have no issues sleeping through the night and maintaining a sleep schedule relatively similar to yours. Cats learned to cohabitate with humans centuries ago, and in this domestication of the feline kind, they’ve learned to adapt and actually prefer your company over being alone or even spending it with another cat.

So, the benefits of sleeping with your cat include the following:

  • Strengthening your bond
  • Helping each other to feel safe and less lonely—especially if you live alone
  • Staying on a similar sleep schedule
  • Sleeping with your cat can help to keep you calm and relaxed and provide better rest

why do cats sleep under the covers?

Cats are particular about where they like to sleep when sharing your bed with you

Oftentimes, cats are quick to sleep at the foot of the bed when they sleep with humans. And this is because for some cats, they want to have complete control over how warm they are when they sleep and also how much room they can occupy. So, bigger cats might prefer sleeping at the foot of the bed because they take up more space and want to take advantage of having more room at the foot of your bed. Another place that many cats will gravitate to is by your head. And while this might be great for them, it can be difficult for us to get a good night’s rest with a furry kitty sleeping on our head making us hot or unable to breathe properly. If you’ve found yourself awoken in the night to a ten-pound purring machine on your head and wondered why, well, this is because your head is much less likely to move when compared to the rest of your body. This is just further proof that cats are tiny geniuses and the connoisseurs of comfort—because, as we know, cats do not like to be disturbed when they are sleeping.

So, why do cats sleep under the covers?

If you find yourself with a cat that chooses to sleep under the covers with you, then you should accept this as the ultimate feline compliment. You might find yourself with a cat that sleeps under the covers because they are looking to you for protection and security. And we all know that cats—and especially kittens—love to be nice and cozy. So cats with thinner fur or with only two layers might be prone to cuddle under the covers with you because their body craves warmth. But, don’t be surprised if a Sphynx cat chooses to sleep on top of the covers. Cat genetics are genuinely amazing, and these cats naturally have a slightly warmer body temperature than your average furry feline. Kittens, cats with light coats, and senior cats are typically the types of cats that are quick to get under those covers with their humans.

Another reason why your cat likes to sleep under the covers with you? Well, they are doing this because you make them feel protected and safe, so this is their way of showing you that they look to you as their guardian. So, if your cat didn’t already make you feel special, surely now you do if you have yourself an under-the-covers kitty cat.

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