Why Does My Cat Sleep At The Foot Of The Bed?

sleep at the foot of the bed

While cats tend to spend their days napping, a lot of our feline friends also like to sleep with their humans at night. They might not stay in bed the entire eight hours, but don’t be surprised when your cute cat curls up at your feet when it’s time to lay down. You’ll probably wake to them walking across your face or meowing for food, but those few hours they spend sleeping at the foot of the bed are blissfully gratifying. You should feel loved knowing your cat chooses your bed for their nighttime naps, but why are they always by your feet?

Here are a few reasons why cats choose to sleep at the foot of the bed instead of by the pillows, on your lap, or even in another room.

sleep at the foot of the bed

It’s Comforting

Anyone who says cats aren’t affectionate has never had a true bond with a feline friend. Cats can be just as loving as dogs, and they like to show those feelings with physical touch and proximity. When you’re calm and quiet, they see a perfect opportunity to get cuddly.

Being close to a favorite human helps a cat feel safe and comfortable. Those positive emotions are strong enough to convince your cat to join you at every bed time. Even if they’re barely touching your feet over the blankets, they know you’re nearby and feel better off because of it.

Mutual Protection

Besides feeling loved and comforted, cats also choose to sleep at the foot of the bed because it makes them feel protected. The feline survival instinct tells them that they’re most vulnerable while they’re asleep. They know, however, that there is strength in numbers. A potential threat is less likely to attack a group than a singular sleeper. And if something bad does happen, they know whoever they’re sleeping with will help defend them. Your cat sees you as their protector, and they know they can sleep more soundly when you’re there to have their back.

sleep at the foot of the bed

Your cat expects you to protect them, but they’re also willing to return the favor. Cats can be extremely protective of those they love. They sleep at the foot of the bed so that they’re there for you in case of an emergency. They expect you to cover threats that may come from the head of the bed, and they watch out for threats from their end.

Temperature Control

Just like how you like to curl up in the covers at bed time, your cat also likes to get comfy in a warm area. They love the warmth, but they also don’t like to get overheated. Your bedspread is great for getting cozy, but your body heat can sometimes be too much for a fluffy feline.

By sleeping at the foot of the bed, maybe touching your toes or shins, your cat gets some of your heat, but not too much. If they get cold during the night, they might inch up closer to your stomach or head where there’s more warmth.

More Room For Themselves

Your cat has no qualms about waking you up from a deep sleep, but they hate to be disturbed themselves.  If you wake a sleeping cat, they’re most likely going to get up and leave in protest. You can do your best to not move when they’re napping on your lap during the day, but nighttime sleeping is a little different. Cats are generally light sleepers, and your normal sleepy time movements can easily wake up your cat.

Your cat probably knows this, and they also know they have more room, and there’s less chance you’ll roll on top of them, when they sleep at the foot of the bed. You might want them to curl up against your chest, but that position most likely won’t be comfortable for long. Your cat knows they’ll sleep better if they keep at least a little bit of distance.

Every cat is unique, and they all have different preferences when it comes to getting some shut eye. Your cat might sleep at the foot of your bed because of one of these reasons or all of them combined. You’ll never know they’re exact reasoning, but one thing you know for sure is that sleeping in your bed is a good sign that you have a strong bond with your cat.

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