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Why Do Cats Love Olives So Much?

by Cattitude Daily

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It seems that there are many ordinary everyday things that cats can’t seem to get enough of. They love to bask in the sunlight, they enjoy making toys out of plain objects which are not toys, and there are even certain foods that our cats can’t seem to get enough of. While we know that cats are crazy about anything scented like fish–like canned tuna fish, you might be surprised to learn that most cats are crazy about olives. And not just any type of olive either. If you have a cat that’s obsessed with these tasty and naturally salty snacks, keep reading to learn why do cats love olives so much.

why do cats love olives?

In a cat’s eyes, not all olives are created equal.

The same can be said in the eyes of humans, too. Because, as we know, many people—especially younger people—are not fans of black olives. For cats, they are typically uninterested in olives unless they’re the green ones. You know, like the ones that taste fabulous in a martini or on your veggie tray—especially dipped in ranch dressing. Your cat is a fan of green olives for a different reason then you are. For them, it’s because green olives contain the same chemical that catnip contains.

So, when your cat gets a good sniff of green olive, the isoprenoids compound in them creates a euphoric response that can drive your cat wild. And it’s not just the green olive itself that your cat will be crazy about, because the pimento of the green olive contains the isoprenoids compound as well. This chemical compound creates a very similar reaction to the nepetalactone that is found in catnip. So, basically, olives are the edible equivalent of catnip in the minds of cats!

why do cats love olives?

Is it safe for a cat to eat green olives?

Since cats are known to want to eat catnip sometimes, it might make you wonder if it’s safe for your cat to eat green olives then. Cat experts say that it’s safe for your cat to nibble on green olives, but you need to be mindful as to whether or not those green olives have been salted or contain a preserving chemical agent or have been soaking in olive oil. Your cat is an obligate carnivore, as you know, so it’s important to be mindful of their health needs to keep them at a healthy weight. Carbohydrates and oily substances—along with preservation chemicals—won’t benefit your cat’s health, so stick to nibbles on naked green olives to keep them safe.

Want to know some other human foods that cats love?

Obviously, there are several human foods that cats are fond of—but that doesn’t mean that these foods are safe for our kitties to consume. If you’re curious about what human foods you can share safely with your cat, just check out this list below!

  • Lean meats, like chicken, as long as they don’t contain garlic or onion which is toxic to cats
  • Eggs
  • Whole grains
  • Fish
  • Bananas
  • Spinach
  • Canteloupe
  • Pease
  • Pumpkin
  • Aged cheeses, such as Swiss, cheddar, or gouda

Now that you’ve learned all about why cats love olives so much, be sure to check out this next article on Cattitude Daily to learn why it is that cats love to lick plastic—the answer might even surprise you!

why do cats love olives?


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