Why Does My Cat Follow Me Around Everywhere?

Cats are largely independent creatures. They enjoy their nap time and often can be found in a favorite secluded spot, soaking up some peace and quiet away from us noisy humans. How often they spend on their own really depends on your cat’s temperament and personality, so this will vary from cat to cat. Some days, I can’t locate my cat anywhere, despite looking high and low and all around the house in his most favorite spots. He doesn’t go outside so I know he’s in the house somewhere, and generally I just let him be until he decides to find me and grace me with his presence.

There are some cats though that tend to follow their humans everywhere, and this might happen more frequently on some days versus other days. While there are lots of different reasons for this, here are some commons reasons why you might ask “Why does my cat follow me everywhere?”

why does my cat follow me

Kitty Needs Attention

We know cats can be kind of solitary creatures, of course. But when kitty needs attention, she is probably not going to be shy about it. The trick is determining just what kind of attention your cat needs when she follows you around everywhere. Does she need food? Is her water supply low? Does she want a little cuddle time with her favorite human? You’ll have to try out a few things to figure out just what kind of attention your cat is seeking, but if she’s following you around more than normal you can try going through some of her more common needs to see what satisfies her.

Your Cat Might Miss You

If you’ve been gone for a while, your cat might be following you around the house because he missed you. I mean, as a feline, he may be too proud to really admit it, but he is capable of missing his human. This might happen on a seemingly random day where you’ve been at the office for your standard day. Or you might notice your cat deciding to tag along after you when you get back from a weekend getaway. I know that my cat absolutely hates when his humans get out that overnight duffle bag and start putting things in it! He generally shows that he’s going to miss me by scratching around in the bag, but your cat might show you he missed you after your trip by acting like your furry shadow.

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Your Cat is Begging

Dogs do not have the market on begging! For some reason, we’ve gotten into the (bad) habit of feeding our cat some treats first thing in the morning after we get out of bed. This routine has been moved back earlier and earlier now at our cat’s request (more like demand). If we don’t obey him and get distracted between exiting the bedroom and walking to his treat cupboard, he will follow us around. Oftentimes he gets vocal and yells at us, too, to remind us that he’s in need of his treats. You may find that your cat follows you everywhere because he is begging for his own treats or a bite of your delicious snack!

Cats are sometimes mysterious creatures, but they’ll usually give you a clue or two as to why they’re following you everywhere. 

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