Five Super Cute Things Cats Do And Why They Do Them

Cats are just so stinkin’ cute sometimes, I simply can’t take it. The squeal-worthy things that they do make our hearts skip a beat and fall in love with them even harder than we ever thought we could. If you’re a lover of all things cute cat behavior, well, do I have the purrfect article for you! Keep reading discover five super cute cat behaviors and why our feline friends display these adorable actions. Enjoy!

cute things cats do and why

That little butt wiggle

My tuxedo cat Pepper will do this. And when he does, boy, oh boy, does it make my heart skip a beat. We know that cats love to stalk things and to pounce, so when your feline friend is displaying this butt wiggle behavior, be ready for action! We might even see this cute cat behavior before our cat chooses to stalk us. So, why exactly does your cat do the butt wiggle? Well, it’s believed that this occurs because your tiny tiger is preparing to strike, and they’re cementing those hind limbs into the ground/surface to help launch them just before they activate all systems go.

John Hutchinson, who serves as a professor of evolutionary biomechanics at the Royal Veterinary College in London, told Live Science that:

“It may also have a sensory role to prepare the vision, proprioception [an awareness of one’s position and movement] and muscle — and whole cat — for the rapid neural commands needed for the pounce.”

So, think of this action as your cat’s impromptu warmup before they work it out and strike—which just might be your ankle! But you know what’s even cuter than a domesticated cat butt wiggle? A big cat butt wiggle! Yep, that’s right, cat lovers, big cats in the wild are known to exhibit this adorable behavior, too.

The kitty cat “brrr” sound

Just when you thought your feline friend couldn’t get any cuter, you walk up to them for them to pop up their heads and hit you with the heart-stopping “brrr” sound that we all know and love. This often happens when your cat is sleeping, well, snoozing, and you’ve startled them. Cats can also do this as a little “hello” type greeting when they see you when you walk in the door or into a room. The reason that cats do that super cute “brrr” sound is typically because they’ve become easily excited and they are happy. Pepper often does this as a way to greet me when he sees me, and it’s especially true if he’s curled in a ball and sleeping. It lets me know that he’s happy to see me, and that he’s not bothered that I’ve just woken up. Because, he knows, if I’m coming home, this means it’s time to eat—every cat’s favorite hobby!

Curling their tail around their paws—or you!

A cat’s tail is many things. And a mood barometer is certainly one of them! Think of your cat’s tail like it’s their personal their mood ring. It’s not going to change colors on you, but it will change shapes depending on what they’re feeling. Understanding cat tail talk will most certainly give you detailed insight into the feline mind. So, sometimes we’ll notice our cats sitting in cute positions. There’s the bread loaf. And of course the frog-esque sploot many of us know and love. (And if you’re not sure what those are, just click on the hyperlinked words to find out!)

When cats are resting on their haunches and they’re at peace, you’ll often see them wrap that beautiful tail of theirs right around their front paws. Cats do this because that tail wrap brings them inner peace, and it’s their way of saying that they’re comfortable and happy. And another reason why you might see a cat do this? Take notice of the temperature when this happens. Because if it’s cold out, well, they need to keep those little front paws of theirs warm! You have shoes to put on your feet, and their little toe beans just go straight directly on the ground. That can get a little chilly on those hard floors, so that fuzzy tail might just come in handy!

And when it comes to your cat wrapping their tail around you, think of it as a total compliment. One super cute thing that some cats will lovingly do to their owners—or even to another cat—is to wrap their tail around them. Typically this is your leg that’s being looped in lovingly by their tail when they’re at your feet…hopefully not trying to trip you simultaneously. Cats are not spiteful beings despite what many might think, so if you fall, don’t take it personally.

Want to know more about “tail talk” and what your cat’s tail is telling you? Check out this article on to learn all about it!

Kitty cat chatter

Ah, this is another totally cute sound that cats make. With cat chatter, this is often used when a cat is fixated on prey—which could be anything from a bird to a bug to a feather toy in your home. When your cat does this, they are not trying to speak bird, squirrel, or feather. (Although one study found a cat mimicking the sound of crying monkeys in the wild might have us thinking otherwise.) They are doing this because they are so intensely fixated on the prey that they know is out of reach. Even the most domesticated feline still has an urge to hunt—although for some cats, the desire is not as strong as others.

When cats chatter, it’s best believed that they are doing this because they are anxious and eager to zero in on that prey.

If they’re indoors and it’s something within reach, then that completes their hunting cycle and they’re happy. And, if it’s not, then they might be a bit of a sour puss about not getting what it is that they want—a tasty snack. Additionally, your feline friend has a super keen sense of smell. And they like to get a whiff of what they smell before they eat it, so they just might be imagining how yummy that prey would taste in their mouth.

If you notice that your cat is chattering at you, don’t worry. They’re not wondering what your flesh tastes like. They’re simply excited to see you! Or have you ever seen a cat chatter in their sleep? Well, I bet now that you know the above information, you’ll now know exactly what it is that they’re dreaming of—hunting prey!

cute things cats do and why

Look at my belly, but perhaps just look with your eyes only

There’s a big debate in the cat world as to how some cats love belly rubs and that other cats are quick to pull out those murder mittens of theirs. I have two cats that absolutely love belly rubs, and my tuxedo cat is quick to remind me that I’ve made a very poor decision should I choose to indulge myself on that fluffy belly of his. Either way, your cat flashing you their belly is undeniably cute regardless of the outcome. And cats don’t just go flashy their belly to whoever—no siree! Should your cat do this in your presence, or any cat for that matter, consider yourself one fortunate soul. Cats, and dogs for that matter, are excellent judges of character. Many will argue that a cat flashing its belly is a sign of love, but whatever the case may be, a cat flashing that cute belly at you means that you’re pretty cool in their book. So go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for that!

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