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Why Does My Cat Cry Out For Me In My Home?

by Cattitude Daily

Our cats are our babies, there’s no doubt about it. And while we didn’t give birth to our feline friends, we often view them as our kids the moment they enter their lives. And no matter how long you’ve had your cat for, it can trigger worry for you when you think something might be amiss. If you find yourself wondering why your cat is crying out for you in your home, well, you’re certainly not alone. Our feline friends can do this for a few reasons, actually. So, just keep reading so that you can better understand what’s going inside that mind of theirs when your cat exhibits this behavior.

Is your cat crying out for you in the night? Well, that’s because they might not realize you’re still there…

Your cat’s concept of time and memory differs from yours. We often joke that our cat’s have a rigid internal clock that relates to their feeding schedule, and it’s why your cat might choose not to allow you to sleep in on the weekends if they’re accustomed to being fed when the sun comes up.

When we fall asleep, we might be a tad disoriented when we arise if we’ve had a particularly hard sleep—or an extra glass of wine before bed. Clearly your feline friend isn’t going to wake up with a catnip hangover, but they might be a tad confused and not know whether or not you are home and cry out as a way to look for you.

Think about it like this: when little kids wake in the night, they’ll often seek out their parents in their home as a means to comfort them so that they can fall back asleep. While your feline friend might sometimes make you feel as if you are their humble servant on more occasions than not, they seek you out in the ways of the mighty meow so that they can locate you. And they do this because you bring them comfort, peace, and companionship—aww!

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why does my cat cry out for me?

Human, something’s wrong!

Obviously some cats are naturally more vocal than others, and a lot of factors can play into that. For a Siamese cat, calling out to you in their home wouldn’t be viewed as uncommon as these cats are known for being total chatterboxes. Keep in mind though: meowing and yowling are two totally different things. Cats are known to suffer in silence, and oftentimes, a cat goes in to see their vet routinely only to find that something is ailing them once the condition has advanced. Although they can be dramatic—especially when it comes to food—cats are rather stoic beings. If your once quiet kitty is suddenly super vocal, pay attention to those red flags if this starts to become a regular occurance. 

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Hello, pay attention to me!

Cats are often portrayed as being loners, but that is far from the truth. Cats actually enjoy your company and want to have you around, even if it means that you must worship them from afar. When your cat is calling out to you and waking you up at 3AM for what appears to be no apparent reason, ask yourself why this my be happening. And the first thing to think about is how much time your cat is spending alone each day. Cats can and will get lonely, and crying out to you in your home is a way for them to express their loneliness. If you want to help your cat to combat their loneliness and have the means to do so, consider getting another cat. This way, your cat won’t feel lonely in those times when you aren’t away—and you just might get some more shuteye. 

Age can be a factor if your cat is crying out to you

As cats age, enrichment is important to keep their minds sharp and healthy. But even if you are offering your cat much-desired/needed mental stimulation, disorientation is normal and to be expected in senior cats. Cognitive dysfunction in senior cats means that they can easily become disoriented and cry out for what appears to be no apparent reason. To help your cat to cope, there are things you can implement to make life easier on your senior cat.

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