Why Do Cats Fight At Night?

Our feline friends exhibit all sorts of fascinating behaviors that pique our curiosity. We love them for their quirks and become intrigued by what they do—especially when those interesting behaviors occur at a particular time of the day. One cat behavior that’s often googled on the internet is why cats fight. But not only this but ‘why do cats fight at night’ in particular. And, since our cats our interesting little beings, the reasons why cats fight at night are interesting, too.

why do cats fight at night?

First off, remember that cats only fight because they have to

Cats are not confrontational beings within their species, which may come as a surprise because they are quick to demand what they want from us—exactly when they want it. But, when it comes to cats, getting up in another cat’s face is truly a last resort. This can even be said for cats that can’t get along with other cats. A cat would much rather flee from a situation than face it. We know that cats can be unpredictable at times, but know that it’s in all cats’ nature to run.

Some cats are obviously more confrontational than others, but there’s always a reason that made them this way. Cats aren’t spiteful, but their memories are sharp when they’ve endured trauma that’s left a lasting imprint on them. And when they’re triggered, the fur can go flying fast. Cats are territorial, and some even more so than others. And when those territories are threatened, that is when they feel they must fight. This can be in the form of personal space, their turf, their food, their toys, or even their favorite human.

Outdoor cats fight at night because this is usually the time when they are most active

The stray and feral cat life is a rough one. For these cats without homes, they are often most active at night because these are better hours for them to remain unseen from humans and predators. This is another reason why you will often hear feral cats yowling at night because these are their active hours. For ferals and strays, they will often find themselves in fights with other cats during these hours for two main reasons: they are protecting their territory or trying to attract a mate. And, as we know, these loud caterwauls can often lead to cat fights. And if you live around feral cats and strays, well, chances are you’ve been woken up from a dead sleep to the sound of cats fighting.

How can I get my cats to stop fighting at night?

If your indoor kitty cats are stressing you out or keeping you up at night with their cat battles, there are ways to stop this from happening. And, most importantly, if your cats begin to fight, regardless of the time of day, never allow them to duke it out. It is best to intervene so that your cats don’t get injured. You can stop your cats from fighting by squirting a water bottle at them or throwing a soft pillow at them. (Indoor cats are typically not nocturnal the way that feral cats are. So, their fighting could occur at any time of day really.)

If your cats are keeping you up at night with their fighting, it might be best to separate them at night to prevent these fights from waking you up. It is also a good idea to be sure your cats have their own things, such as food and water bowls, toys, and even a separate litter box if the two of them cannot seem to get along. Your cats might fight at night because they are feeling possessive over something, whether that be you, a particular sleeping spot by you, or even food. It’s best to feed your kitties before bed so they aren’t going to bed hungry, and this will also help them from waking you up when the rooster crows to fill their bowl with food.

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