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Caterwauling: Why Do Cats Make This Strange Sound?

by Cattitude Daily

When it comes to cats, they make a lot of sounds aside from those classic meows. In fact, your feline friend has the ability to make up to 21 sounds. These various noises our cats emit range in tone, and one sound that cats make that is quick to catch our attention is the caterwaul. This loud sound cats make is typically a cause for concern as we can sense something is amiss with our kitty. Read on to learn why cats make this sound as well as everything else you need to know when it comes to caterwauling in cats.

what is caterwauling in cats?

What is caterwauling in cats?

The very best way to describe the caterwauling sound is by saying that it is a shrill howling noise a cat makes. This high, unpleasant sound is also sometimes used to describe the sounds a person might make when they are being loud and obnoxious. This harsh sound made by a cat is something that every cat owner can recognize, just as easily as you might recognize a cat’s meow, purr, or chirp and trill.

Why do cats caterwaul?

When it comes to caterwauling, this loud cry made by cats is often heard when two cats are engaged in a quarrel. By nature, cats are not confrontial beings. However, cats will be quick to stand their guard and defend something that they feel is rightfully theirs should they have to. Cats will also make this sound when they are seeking a mate, just as you may have heard a female cat do when she is in heat. Another reason why a cat might feel the need to caterwaul? Well, they just might do this when they really, really want something and they are trying to capture your undivided attention. Caterwauling in cats is a blend of a cry, whine, and howl, so this explains why there can be various reasons why a cat might make this sound. And, as we already know, cats are truly complex little beings, so there typically isn’t just one reason why a cat does something anyways. You might even hear your cat caterwaul if they spot prey outside, and they feel agitated because they cannot catch it from behind the safety of the window.

Why do cats caterwaul to other cats?

When cats make this sound at us, it can sometimes seem a little hard to decipher, but when cats caterwaul to other cats, there is no interpretation needed. Cats that are permitted outdoors or those that live exclusively outdoors will often caterwaul at other cats as a sign that they need to get off their turf and fast. This caterwauling sound is made because the cat feels as if an intruder has set foot on their domain, and cats are very territorial beings, some more so than others. This is especially true for strays, ferals, or any male cat which has not been neutered. Indoor cats will sometimes caterwaul to other cats from the window when they see strange cats walking around their home in their yard.

What should I do when my cat makes a caterwauling sound?

Just as with any cat behavior, there’s always a rhyme and a reason as to why cats do the things that they do. If your cat’s caterwauling is becoming an issue or a regular occurrence, it’s important to take this seriously. Cats will also often caterwaul if they are in pain. When your cat experiences a medical issue, they don’t have the ability to communicate their woes to you in a language that you can understand, so they might rely on this wailing sound to get your attention. Take notice if your cat makes this sound when using the litter box or when you go to pick them up. Chances are, there’s a medical issue going on with your cat that needs immediate attention. Schedule a visit with your vet to pinpoint the issue so your cat can get some much-needed relief.

cat caterwauling

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