Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Now that it’s summer time, you may be outdoors a bit more often. If your cat is an outdoor kitty, he might get to spend time outside with you. Spending time outdoors an be really great for the both of you. Fresh air and a little sunshine can really be refreshing. As you spend time outside, do you notice that your cat tends to eat grass? I know my cat always wants to run free in the green and growing grass around our house. He also likes to chow down on anything green that comes into our house, but that’s another story.

My cat is definitely not unique in this regard. Lots of cats tend to love chewing on green plants or grass. But why do cats eat grass? Let’s explore a few reasons.

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Grass is Nature’s Laxative

Okay, this is a little gross. But eating grass is believed to be a laxative for felines, according to PetMD. Cats can struggle with digestive issues just like us humans. Cats also tend to have pretty frequent hairballs. Normally, they might be able to vomit up the hairball and find some relief. Sometimes, that hairball just doesn’t cooperate.

That’s where grass comes in. If your cat eats grass, it may help that hairball move through your kitty’s digestive tract a bit better.

Eating Grass Relieves Sore Throats

Furthermore, there’s a theory that eating grass can help soothe a sore throat. As humans, we know that having a sore or scratchy throat is pretty miserable. If your cat eats grass and feels better, that’s wonderful!

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Grass Contains Nutrients

Here’s one more reason why cats eat grass. As a green plant, it makes sense that grass has some nutrients in it. One of those nutrients is folic acid. According to PetMD, this nutrient helps your cat’s hemoglobin levels. Without getting too in-depth, hemoglobin helps promote healthy oxygen movement in the blood.

Cats Eat Weird Things

If you live with a cat, you know they eat things they shouldn’t. That goes for anything, from our human food to a piece of string they find on the carpet. It can be a little maddening as humans sometimes. When your cat eats something that doesn’t sit well with him, he might have a hard time processing it. If he can’t digest something properly, you kitty may turn to eating grass. Munching on a few blades of grass can induce vomiting. Your cat probably doesn’t love to do this–and you don’t love to clean it up. However, his instincts may be telling him that he needs to expel whatever he ate. It likely helps him feel better afterwards.

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Not All Grass is Equal

Eating grass is just fine for most cats. However, you do not want to let kitty chow down on just any old green and growing plant. Lots of plants are toxic or even deadly to our feline friends. Be cautious on what types of plants you let your cat eat. You could even consider growing some cat-approved grass indoors if your kitty tends to stay indoors only. It’s a nice way to tell your cat you love him as well!

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