Common Houseplants That Are Dangerous For Cats

Few things say spring or summer like plants. Green and growing things can be a mood-lifter for humans. Even one little plant indoors can help us through long, cold winters. And receiving fresh flowers can be a fun surprise on special occasions. However, you need to be cautious with which plants you allow into your home if you have a cat. There are too many potentially dangerous plants to list them all. However, these are some common houseplants that are dangerous to cats.


Aloe Vera Plants

Succulents are enjoying a moment in the trend spotlight. But some of them are not good for your feline companions. Specifically, aloe plants can be toxic to cats. They could cause gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.

Snake Plants

Some plants are known for their ability to thrive indoors. The Snake Plant is one of those. Its leaves with multiple shades of green make it visually enticing also. This plant, too, can cause diarrhea and vomiting if your cat gets her teeth on it.

English Ivy

This Ivy goes by a few different names, including Branching Ivy. No matter which name you call it, it’s still toxic to cats. In addition to the usual gastrointestinal symptoms, there’s more. Your cat might suffer belly pain from this plant. If she’s ingested it, she may also have a lot of extra drool or saliva. Note that this plant produces berries. Generally, the leaves are more toxic than the berries. To be safe, just don’t let kitty eat any of this plant.


You may also know this plant as dieffenbachia. This one may have a funny name, but it’s no joke for cats. It could cause drooling along with a burning sensation in kitty’s mouth. Your cat may have trouble swallowing or she may vomit from this ingesting it.


Lavender may be renowned for its calming qualities on humans, but it’s not good for felines. If kitty finds the purple plant appealing, watch for signs of toxicity. She might vomit or she may lose her appetite unexpectedly.


A lily can be so pretty, but keep it away from your house if you have cats. There’s no messing around here: lilies can cause kidney failure in cats. These are such a popular gift in the spring; it always surprises me how many cat people don’t know about this. If you see lilies in a fellow cat lover’s home, make sure they know how dangerous they are.

plants that are dangerous for cats


Yew plants or shrubs are another scary plant if you have cats. They can cause your cat’s heart to fail, leading to death. This can happen quite suddenly, though shaking or seizing can be early indicators.

Keep Your Cats Safe

It’s hard being both a plant lover and a cat person. This list of common houseplants is by no means complete. If you’re not sure about a plant, look it up online before you bring it home. The ASPCA has a thorough database of dangerous plants. You can always do a quick online search for the plant name as well. Or, give your vet a call for advice. Just make sure you check out all plants before allowing kitty near them.

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