Pet Greens Offers Kitties A Fun And Healthy Way To Add To Their Daily Diet

Growing up, many of us likely thought that cats would eat grass as a way to settle their upset tummies. And usually shortly after ingesting said grass, a messy clean up would soon follow when our cats would leave us behind their happy accidents…usually right on our white carpet. But did you know that cats eat grass because they’re actually attracted to the taste and texture of it?

A recent study out of University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has proven this to be true, but how do we go about getting our cats the right kinds of greens for them to nibble and enjoy? Well, Pet Greens by Bell Rock Growers has the purrfect solution for you. Whether you choose to purchase in-store or have your items shipped directly to your front door, Pet Greens offers grass just for cats that’s chocked-full of antioxidants and the tempting little leaves will draw your cats straight to them. And, of course, their freshly-grown catnip is highly aromatic and equally enticing to cats who want to engage, play, and enjoy the Pet Greens goodness. Of course you can go dried when it comes to catnip, but if you really want to spoil your kitty, live catnip is that extra bonus they’ll love and you’ll get a kick out of seeing them enjoy.

What is Pet Greens?

As the first complete line of pet products made with cereal grasses and other healthy greens, Pet Greens® Pet Grass® live grasses and treats are beneficial to a variety of different animals, and are an excellent nutritional supplement to incorporate into your pet’s regular diet routine.

Pet Greens Is Cat-Tested and Cat-Approved!

I had the opportunity to spoil my cats with some Pet Greens, and getting them interested in the product was super easy because they were instantly curious about these cat-attractive plants I was offering to them. The catnip was a hit with all three of my kitties, and the two different grasses, both the Wheat and the Oat, Rye, and Barley Variety Blend, were well-received, too.

Just look at that little post-catnip tongue!

And if you’re looking for some new treats to spoil your cats with in addition to the live cat grasses and catnip, your cats will go cuckoo for their semi moist and naturally pure Cat Craves cat treats. Pepper will work for those treats, and these purrfectly proportioned and delicious morsels are ideal for training, too.

Cat Craves cat treats don’t have added fillers or strange preservatives that you can’t pronounce, just purrfectly delicious goodness that your cats crave and beg for. 

Want to spoil your cat or find the purrfect present to put for them under the tree or in their stocking this holiday season? Pick them out some cat grass, catnip, or treats that will get them both happy and excited. If they’re anything like my three kitties, they’ll be sure to love them and feel special. And the coolest part? Pet Greens Self-Grow Grass Kits help you get your green thumb on so you can keep a supply of cat greens for your kitty year round. So, really, Pet Greens is the gift that keeps on giving long after Xmas!

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There are many benefits of offering grass to kitties. Doing so is a great way to…

  • Mentality stimulate your cat with something that will trigger and excite their supercharged feline senses
  • Offer your cat an edible treat that is full of antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients, as well as fiber which aids in digestion
  • Offer your cats unique enrichment and healthy goodness simultaneously
  • Start a fun routine for you and your kitty, by purchasing a self-grow kit so you can flex your cat lover green thumb

Want to know where you can find Pet Greens near you? Check their store locator link here to see the closest stores nearby so you can discover the many benefits of Pet Greens for your feline friends. And remember, if you’d rather get your Pet Greens shipped directly to you, you can do so with no stress. Your fresh cat greens arrive packed with care and come just as lovely as the ones you find for sale in stores.

If you’d like to read more on the study about the real reasons why cats eat grass, you can do so here in our article on

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