Why Do So Many Tuxedo Cats Have Ultimate Cattitude?

(**For the sake of this article, I am referring to classic black and white tuxedo cats**) When it comes to cats, all are truly unique. You can have cats of the same litter and they can have totally opposite personalities. And there are many cats of particular breeds that defy the traits that their breed is known for. But, when it comes to tuxedo cats, it seems that we can all agree on one common theme: tuxedo cats have cattitude. why do they say that tuxedo cats have cattitude? The funny thing is, I learned this firsthand with my tuxedo cat, Pepper. He was unlike any kitten I'd ever met. And his swagger as a mature cat is undeniable. If he doesn't like something, you'll be the first to know it. And he wears his look of disapproval on his face like a badge of honor. I've been around lots of cats in my day, and I've been fortunate to encounter many other cat owners that all tell me what I've learned on my own: tuxedo cats have cattitude unlike any other cat that there is.

Let's take a closer look at why tuxedo cats have cattitude…

Even though tuxedo cats are known for their cattitude, there are a great number of tuxedo cats that are affectionate, loving, and even lap cats. So, saying that a cat has cattitude doesn't mean that they are affectionate. It simply means that they are quick to display cat attitude vibes and looks of superiority. It's a vibe, really. And it seems that tuxedo cats are just naturals at it! tuxedo cats have cattitude

Some believe that tuxedo cats have cattitude because they're "smarter" than the average cat

Okay, so this sounds a bit subjective if you ask me. But apparently there are some interesting stats to back up this claim. Additionally, nearly 70% of the cats depicted from Ancient Egyptian times were tuxedo cats. Talk about some "divine energy" right there! So, at the end of the day, maybe they fully realize what we've known all along:

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” — Terry Pratchett

So, would you classify that as smarter? Or do they just have you better trained? I'll just let you think on that one for a moment…

Some might claim that tuxedo cats have cattitude because they can be more aggressive, bossy, or confrontational

If anyone has a tuxedo cat like my cat, then they know all too well that these cats do not play around. I have finally earned the distinct privilege of being able to pet my Pepper's belly without ending up with a forearm full of bites and scratches. And when it comes to playtime, I've observed my Pepper playing much rougher than I have other cats in the past. Many often report that their tuxedo cat is much larger than other cats that they own, myself included. So, perhaps these cats are simply large and in charge—and want others to know it, too! what is tuxietude?

Tuxedo cats aren't the only ones with ultimate cattitude

Tuxedo cats might take the cake for having the most cattitude, but it seems that tortoiseshell cats—AKA torties—are well-known for flexing their cattitude. So much so, there's even a name for it: tortitude! It makes you wonder if a cat's coat coloring can truly have some sort of interesting correlation to their temperment. I've even written on a study out of the UK that polled 1,200 cat owners on various personality traits with their cats. Topping the list as cats with the most attitude were certainly tuxedo cats!

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