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Why Is My Cat A Total Lap Cat?

by Cattitude Daily

For myself, it makes me feel oh-so-special when a cat chooses to cozy up right on my lap. I mean, it’s hard not to feel special or be in total bliss when a kitty is fast asleep or purring happily in your lap! Pepper is 110% not a lap cat, and my Maine Coon, Mr. Purple, really isn’t either. Tiger Lily is, but only when my husband isn’t present! Many of our cats are big on being in close proximity to us, but not necessarily on our lap. If you’ve ever wondered why it is that some cats are total lap cats, just keep reading to find out!

why is my cat a lap cat?

Sometimes being a lap cat it’s age related

Before I dive in to why some cats are total lap cats, it’s important to first consider your cat’s age. For a wee little kitten that’s now with you and away from their littermates—and especially their mama—sitting on your lap could offer them the safety and security they so desperately crave.

Additionally, if you’ve got yourself a senior cat, they might choose to sit on your lap on a regular basis because they aren’t as sprightly as they once were and enjoy resting on you. This is because they trust you and you make them feel safe. Whatever the case may be, it’s hard not to feel the love when a cat of any age chooses to turn your lap into their purring place of rest!

lap cat

A cat which chooses to be a lap cat might be clingier, needier, or crave a sense of security

It goes without saying that every cat has a unique personality, and some cats are simply sweeter and more affectionate than others. My tuxedo cat Pepper is a big boy. He rarely chooses to lay on me. And when he does choose to, it’s when I’m typing on my computer. Which is sorta hard to do with an 18 lb brick of a cat sitting on my forearms blocking my view of the screen. Cats want your undivided attention on their terms, so I will stop what I’m doing and give in to Pepper’s desire to have my attention.

For many cats which are lap cats, they might be more of your clingier cat. They are likely the type of kitty who possesses a strong desire to be near you 24/7. Meaning that your cat’s general disposition has something to do with their likeliness of being a lap cat. Cats which have a tendency to be needier, just might have a tendency to be a natural lap cat, too.

Think of your cat’s fur

If you had a super fluffy coat on, would you crave warmth? Probably not. There are certain breeds of cats like, like a British Shorthair, that are known for their dense double coats. So, cats like these might be less likely to sit on your warm lap simply because it’s too toasty. Cats do love to be warm, but there’s a difference between being warm and being hot. So, keep that in mind if you’ve got a cat with thick fur that chooses not to be a lap cat.

Think of how you sit

I am really, really terrible at relaxing. My husband, however, is not. He loves to watch TV with a blanket on his lap, and I’ll usually sit next to him and type on my computer while he does. This is when Tiger Lily will swoop in and cozy up right on his lap. Aside from my quick typing fingers, I’m naturally a more hyper and fidgety person who has trouble relaxing or sitting still.

If your cat is a lap cat, think of what type of relaxer you are. I assume you’re quite good at sitting still and far less fidgety. And guess what? Your cat senses that, too! We all know that cats do not like to be disturbed when they are sleeping. So, that just might be why they choose another lap over yours, or choose not to sit in a lap all together!

why is my cat a lap cat?

You might have just read this article and started to wonder to yourself about a cat in your life who is most certainly not a lap cat. If you’ve ever wondered why it is that some cats simply aren’t lap cats, find out the answer to that question here on cattitudedaily.com.

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